Bus firm accused in religion row


A WOMAN wearing a Muslim headscarf was told by a bus driver to take off her “mask” because it was against the law to wear it on board.

Australian-born mother of two Khadijah Ouararhni-Grech was wearing the pink floral headscarf known as a niqab when she tried to board the HillsBus vehicle at Merrylands Rd, Greystanes.

“As I was stepping on to the bus, the driver said: ‘You can’t get on the bus wearing your mask’,” Ms Ouararhni-Grech told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

After politely telling him that the niqab was not a mask, he insisted, saying: “Sorry, it is the law.”

She said a number of passengers witnessed the incident.

“I told him it wasn’t the law and he said ‘You have to show me your face’,” she said.

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(p.s: some of the comments are extremely racist. Some comments compared wearing a helmet or balaclava to wearing the muslim headscarf).

I am against her decision of wearing a niqab, it’s Australia not Arabia,niqab is more cultural than religious… so a hijab is ok , but not abaya or niqab… that’s beyond the limits of freedom in the society…

that’s just my personal opinion

I do not think this is a legitimate case of anti-Muslim discrimination. There are legitimate public safety concerns involved with allowing unidentifiable people on public transport. As for the “thinly-veiled racism” claimed in the article’s headline, Islam is not a race, and this particular lady is MALTESE - not a people known for their large number of Muslim believers. The idea that she should go to the bus company with her sheikh to “educate” everyone on her beliefs his laughable, as well. It’s a bus ride, not a multicultural event. No one is obliged to learn about your religion so that you can ride the bus, nor should they be; on the contrary, it is YOU who must obey the laws regarding the use of the bus if you wish to ride. Should any person of appropriate office within the churches to which they are relevant attempt to enter a bus for whatever reason wearing their mitre, I would not be surprised or outraged if they were asked to take it off. Believe it or not, these laws that some Muslims decry as specifically or unfairly targeting them generally apply to EVERYBODY. Some Muslims just have an inflated sense of victimization and/or entitlement (that goes for some Christians, too).

**I agree with hadi without a moments delay. That lady had no right to board the bus and the driver was right in demanding to see her face. Such ladies have been misled by the religious bigots during the last whole century. Some foolish husbands also demand such things from their wives.

There is no such order to cover the face definitely. In the verse of Quran, which orders women to dress modestly and to cover their body parts, there is an exception too in the words “Except what shows by itself”. Those words are there in the verse of the Quran or the near about words if I could not convey properly.

There is no need to misbehave with the normal good way of living in the foreign countries. One has to go along with the normal way of life as much as one can. Specillay, now that the world has become a global village, the bigots have to learn a few lessons about good living.

Here I quote one Hadith of the prophet Muhammad in my own words:

One night the prophet was walking with his wife to see her off back to het home. It was dark. two persons passed by and avoided to come near the prophet and his wife. The two persons passed by quickly.

The prophet called them back and said to them. " Look here. She is my wife (so and so)."

The Muslims apologised and said " Sir we did not have any doubt about you."

The prophet said, “Nevermind. The devil runs in the bloodstream of mankind.”

From the above Hadith, it proves that the covering of the face of ladies is not necessary. The Quran also does not strictly order such thing. So why try to get into trouble.

Just live along peacefully and beware of the terrorists.**

I fully agree with the writing above. Thanks for sharing.

muslim women have to cover everything except for their face, feet and hands


If it’s against the law to ride public transportation with your face covered (with a mask or anything else that hides your identity), then she was breaking the law and the bus driver was correct.

If it’s not illegal to ride public transportation while hiding your identity, it should be.

Why do I get the distinct feeling there is more to this story than Zaki is telling?

On the subject of face covering, why are Mahometan terrorists so brave they cover their faces?

You see this all the time on the news.

It is called modesty


I’ll add a similar story to this to the thread - a year or two ago I went to the dentist on a weekly basis for several weeks for her to clean my teeth and redo some filings. On my last visit there was a Muslim lady who had something seriously wrong and was in massive pain. The dental practise was co-owned by several dentists, some Christian, some Muslim. Usually the Muslim female dentist (who is my normal dentists) handled female Muslim patients as this area of London has a large number of Bangladeshi residents. But she was not well that day and a Christian female dentist was on duty, she was identifiably Christian (and Catholic) as she had a crucifix and scapular. Anyway, this Muslim patient’s husband was with her and insisted on having a female Muslim dentist attend his wife. The receptionist (also Muslim by the way) kept trying to tell him it was late in the day and only the Italian lady was left on duty, at this point he started shouting about not letting unbelievers see his wife blah blah blah. It should be noted that a majority of people who were Muslim told the man he was an idiot but he kept shouting and actually explicitly said no dog of a Christian whore dressed like a whore (the dentist was wearing a knee length skirt and a pastel long sleeve blouse but obviously this excited him too much…) would see his wife’s face. Through all this his wife was crying with pain and emberassment. The receptionist eventually moved him along by saying she would phone the police and that he was a disgrace both to Islam and as a husband.

I’m glad to see Planten talking sense there - you cannot travel with your face covered here in the UK either, I’ve seen that rule invoked at Halloween here to stop party-goers boarding buses wearing masks.

I wonder what will happen if it is a life and death situation. Will Muslim men allow non-Muslim male doctor to tend to their wives? And if they do, will they still call the doctor a dog?

JharekCarnelian, thank you for sharing this story …

It’s really a shame that we as Muslims have become so laughed at by embarrassing ourselves and others… it’s really sad to see this type of arrogance and lack of manner especially in front of non-Muslims … I wish I was in that office and see him shouting that nonsense…

Educate them Hadi. It is not a reflection for all Muslims, but for the ignorant Muslims. I don’t see why we can’t live in harmony.

we need to have imams who are able to educate people in Friday sermons… they should be born in the country and be well-educated… some imams don’t even speak English… and have zero awareness of what is going on in their community…the best way do it , is to have Islamic institutes that teach and prepare imams… the Zaytuna institute is an example… here is a statement from their website:

*We recognize ignorance as the greatest weapon of the dark forces working in the world and believe that the light of true knowledge is the only weapon to dispel that darkness. This is our struggle, and our efforts are directed at spreading the light and wisdom of prophetic truths everywhere and to all peoples. Our aim is to teach the tools individuals need in order to live lives of guidance and adherence to sacred order and to restore broad-based pluralistic and true scholarship to its proper place as a first priority of Muslims. *

As I said it should be noted fully 50% of the people waiting to be seen were Bangladeshi and thus very likely Muslim as well and most of them ended up telling this man to grow up and behave. Morons are unfortunately never in short supply in any country or faith but because they shout so loudly we tend to unfairly judge a large group on their actions at times.

I know many Muslim women who would have said something very rude to this guy if they had been there, I can think of a friend of mine who is from the Lebanon and whose father is an Imam who would have been outraged had she seen this happening in front of her.

Oh good, then the niqab is completely unnecessary and there’s no religious issue here. :slight_smile:

Actually I think it’s called, “We don’t want to be recognized because if someone finds out who we are our lifespan is about two seconds.”

You don’t see normal Muslim men walking down the streets with balaclavas on. Only at rallies for terrorist groups, paramilitary organizations and videos where unarmed prisoners are executed do you see them wearing face-coverings.

I agree. Thankfully, the mosque I used to attend in Norfolk, VA had some excellent community leaders (I say that because there was a shortage of imams in the entire area). They were very balanced, educated men and often praised America and taught the Muslims in the community to be peaceful and theologically aware of what their religion practiced and believed.

I think it’s rude to hide your face in public. It’s probably illegal too.

2 Corinthians 3:18 - And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

It is in many places, actually. I know certainly in parts of the United States it’s actually state law that you can’t conceal your face in a public place.

BTW, remember that woman (I think in Britain) who wanted her ID taken with her niqab on? That was incredibly ridiculous. The point of an ID is to identify who you are - what’s the point if you’re going to hide 95% of your face? You might as well be wearing a hockey mask. :rolleyes:

Well, we’ve learned one thing today kiddies.

No religion, Christian, Muslim, etc. has a monopoly on idiots.

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