Bus Nearly Runs Over Abandoned Baby

Sweet Jesus in Heaven!

Texas Bus Driver Shocked by Near-Miss With Baby in Road

A Texas bus driver told how he narrowly avoided plowing into a 14-month-old baby girl sitting half-naked in the middle of a busy road, as CCTV footage emerged of the nail-biting incident, Sky News reported Thursday.

Mike Hubbard was on his usual San Antonio bus route just after midnight when he saw something in the road ahead of him.

“I was definitely in shock. From a distance I can’t tell exactly what it is,” Hubbard told local Texas news station WOAI-TV.

“It looks like a dog, something moving around, I can’t really tell what it was. I started slowing down and then I noticed it’s a baby in the middle of the street.”

“I couldn’t tell if he was eating something or not. But, his eyes got real big when he saw the big old bus in front of him.”

Hubbard slammed on the brakes, stopping just inches from the baby.

The incident was caught on a CCTV camera on the front of the bus.

In another strange twist, as the shaken driver rushed out to check the baby, its father appeared and simply grabbed her and ran off, without even thanking Hubbard for his quick action.

God Bless.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

I heard about this story on the Today show and was gobsmacked!!! :eek:

The parents of that baby are under investigation by the San Antonio Police; the incident happened around midnight.

Good! Such negligence!

It looked on the tape that the man was putting his pants on, on his way out.

I’ll take the baby and raise her, if they don’t want her. I mean, come on, how many of us have had our babies in the middle of the street-at midnight?


God Bless.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

praise God that the bus driver was alert and able to stop before a tragedy could have happened. i saw a clip and couldn’t believe my eyes what i was seeing. the bus driver gets off the bus and is standing next to the baby like he is not sure what to do and suddenly “the father” appears and grabs the baby and runs off.

i heard that all children were removed from the home after this incident and that the father had been in trouble with the law before.

thank goodness the bus had a camera!

A very similar incident happened only a few days later:

2-year-old found wandering along road

Thank God for diligent drivers!

oh, my! that is terrible. two incidents in the same city! i would say these two babies definitely had their guardian angels looking out for them and thank goodness good people came upon these two and not someone who could have caused them harm.

According to the news stories, these both occurred in high traffic areas frequented by careless drivers.

Yes, thank you Guardian Angels!

I saw the mother interviewed on Today. The father was not there.
The mother kept whining (no tears!), “this could happen to anyone.”
Uh, WHAT?! No, when my kids were babies, I knew where they were every minute. And since they were in bed by 8 P.M., there was no way one of them would be sitting in the middle of the street at midnight.
Where in the world do these people come from?!?!?!

I missed the TV and radio all day and just read about this here now.
“this could happen to anyone”
Anyone who wants their kid to be hit by a bus or car, sure it could happen to them.

I’m sure they will try another way to kill the child off.

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