Bush campaign deploying nearly all Miami staff to early states


Jeb Bush’s campaign is deploying nearly all of its staff in its Miami headquarters to early states, staffers were informed on a conference call Wednesday afternoon.

The move comes as Bush is mounting a major push in New Hampshire, which his advisers consider a must-win state.

Read more: politico.com/story/2015/12/bush-campaign-deploying-nearly-all-miami-staff-to-early-states-217235#ixzz3vpzf0lv9

NH is also a “must win” state for Trump and Christi



Bush canceling ad buys in Iowa and South Carolina wapo.st/1QZeUTK

Looks like he is going all in for NH

Staffing increases for Bush in 4 early states. Staff count will go to 40 in NH, approx 30 in Iowa.


May not have to win, but certainly needs to beat Trump in one or the other, or he is cooked.

Iowa is a foregone conclusion, therefore the “all in” for NH.

I don’t think he will finish top 3 in NH, but that’s just my opinion


Jeb is selling a product that very few want.

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