Bush Heckler Arrested After Punching Wheelchair-bound Girl

Typical liberal wimp punches out a young lady in a wheelchair.


I am not going to say that this guy is a typical liberal because he is not. There are liberals on this forum who I am certain would not only never engage in this type of asinine behavior but will strongly condemn it.

What he did was horrible and cowardly and I hope that he gets jail time.:mad: If I read the article correctly, it wasn’t even the girl who told him to be quiet but her parents. He didn’t deck the father but the 18 year old girl in a wheel chair!

I bet this guy has a history of being abusive toward others.

Typical liberal wimp…

Typical conservative name-caller posts insulting thread. :rolleyes:


Well I don’t know about that, when I was a teenager liberalism was a good thing, a righteous thing. I considered myself a liberal.

Liberals are different today. They judge everyone by their race and religion. The most hatful things being said today are coming out of liberal mouths.

If they don’t agree with you they will do everything in their power to shut you down. Ask Dr. Laura about that one, they even throw there own people under the bus ask Imus. Well it’s just too many things to post here.

They are the most despicable hatful people I know.

Don’t believe me just go on some of their websites. Just hear what most of these liberal college professors saying and teaching young people.

I have to disagree that punk was normal for a liberal today. Of course he’s going to go after the weaker person if he would have went after the father he would probably get his lights punched out. They are not like what they used to be.

I take offense to that. I consider myself a liberal. I believe that higher taxes to support increased social programs are worth the inconvenience. I believe in helping people less fortunate. I dislike people based on their individual merits, rather than their race or religion (although I credit most conservatives with that, too). Although I don’t generally agree with conservative politics, I wouldn’t call them despicable or hateful, either.

I also don’t condone baby-killing or wheelchair-bound-teenaged-girl-punching in the name of any brand of politics.

Call this guy by his rightful title - “mentally ill nutjob” - rather than “typical liberal wimp”.

There’s a difference? :wink:

Only if you’re a mentally ill nutjob, a.k.a. typical liberal wimp.

Well, do you think liberals like Paul Krugman go around punching people with impunity?

Krugman would never do that – he is like a saint – a secular version of Dorothy Day.

More importantly, do you think I care?

The question is not “with impunity” but do they do it–and the answer is yes, yes they do. Quite often. Ask any conservative speaker if they’ve been attacked by left-wing groups on college campuses (on the rare occasions the campus Gestapo let them speak), and you’ll get a litany of horror stories. Even the YAFfers don’t attack people, on the other (conservative) hand, and I consider *them *clinically insane. When liberals, like that CNN reporter just recently, get food thrown at them or some other asinine occasionally dangerous thing, it’s usually by liberal students who don’t consider them liberal enough.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I recall my father telling me about liberal antiwar protestors spitting on American soldiers during the Vietnam War. It seems to me that you have some liberals that have a tendency to do stupid things like that. Of course, I am not saying that this is typical of liberals or that conservatives are totally innocent of doing or saying foolish things.

To be fair, we have no real evidence that he is mentally ill. The only thing we know is that he is a mean jerk.

The primary reason I don’t consider myself a liberal, is that many liberals think that government can solve all our problems (and in fact, it causes many of them)

The primary reason I don’t consider myself a conservative is that so many of them are so prone to demonize anyone who disagrees with them.

As far as personal ethics and decency, I don’t see a significant difference between liberals and conservatives I know.

The only real connection is that extremists tend to be more vicious than moderates.

Today they are College professors.

Have you talked to any liberals lately? Calling the President of the United States a moron. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of Bill Clinton but I never hated the man.

A liberal women DJ saying she hoped Justice Thomas wife would feed him butter and eggs so he would die of a heart attack. Hollywood liberals wanting people who disagree with them to be killed.

Just check out their websites I’m talking main stream liberals not your off the wall lefty’s.

You hear this kind of stuff everyday. They totally judge people by the color of there skin.

People like Rosie the mouth who thinks I’m too dumb to own a gun yet she has a gun permit and armed guards around her house.

Most liberals loath Catholics/Christians.

I stand by what I say.

They totally judge people by the color of there skin.

No, we “totally” don’t judge people by the colour of “there” skin. Some of us do, however, have this nasty habit of judging people by their intelligence when considering them for public office. God forbid.

…and then punch a girl in a wheelchair to get your point across. :wink:

:eek: :smiley:

Well I’m a liberal today and I’m nothing like you say. In fact, I’m probably a liberal like you used to be (a liberal yesterday and today, I guess you’d say). Please don’t paint with such a broad brush. :o

You are right in saying that there has been a change in liberals, though I believe the term for these folks is neo-liberal. I also dislike these people. I refer to myself more and more frequently as a “progressive”. Labels, what a pain! :shrug:

You’re wrong.

Ø If I’m a white person living in Texas liberals consider me a stupid redneck.
Ø If I’m a person of color liberals think I’m too dumb to get a job or an education on my own.
Ø If I’m a Christian I’m an ignorant Bible thumbing idiot that is not enlighten.
Ø As I said in my last post liberals think I too stupid to own a gun.
Ø One more thing when it comes to charity conservatives gives far more money than liberals. Because liberals always want to use other peoples money; not their own. That’s just facts.

This is only five points here; I could go on and on. I have to disagree with you.

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