Bush’s Letter to Clinton Cemented a Presidential Tradition, Historians Say

I can’t seem to find anything to say but it’s depressing to compare past presidents to this one.


For anyone who wishes to read the article referenced in the thread title, here is the link:

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That tradition died years ago :slight_smile:

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Oooops! Thanks Morwenna!

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I have faith we may be there once again. I am hoping this last president was a one off when it came to civility and decorum.

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Did not Dubya move in and the WH was trashed? I think so.

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Trashed? Don’t know. I think all the Ws were missing from keyboards.

True story.


Letters mean nothing compared to actions :slight_smile:

Which is it? Did the tradition die years ago? Or are the letters worthless?

The tradition of treating the opposition with dignity died years ago.


Is misleading because he isn’t out of office yet so the letter hasn’t even had the chance to be written. :slight_smile:

As it stands what is happening now is no different than the past :slight_smile:

I assume you recognize that both sides have treated the other abysmally.

I am hoping the next one is a one-off when it comes to transparency and love of social issues that offend the Almighty.

You’d think getting an civil, actual Catholic wouldn’t be too much to ask, but here we are 250+ years later and we have yet to.

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Biden really has won. He is civil. He is an actual Catholic. Give it a couple of months and we will be there.

And if you will study history you will find he is our second one.

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