by N. Beaujon

George Bush may be the worst threat to Fascism in history. Tragically, freedom is spreading and the world’s most beloved terrorist states are falling. What have Bush’s foreign policy wrought? The US has invaded and toppled Afghanistan’s repressive, fundamentalist Taliban regime. They have been replaced by the pro-western, articulate and uber snazzy dresser Hamid Karzai. Democratically held elections recently went off without a hitch and for the first time in 25 years women were allowed to vote. (Where are you Mavis Leno and all your feminist cronies? For a decade Afghanistan was your cause d’ celbre, the ultimate symbol of female repression and paternalistic shame. Where is your reverence for what Bush and his cabinet did to free the women of Afghanistan you, gasbag frauds? Where are your accolades, where is your shame?)

Next, Libya has surrendered to the U.S. Colonel Mohamar Qadhafi’s is dismantling his progam of weapons of mass destruction and recently declared that Libya seeks to play a role in “building a new world free from WMD and from all forms of terrorism.” [/font][1]Economic and diplomatic relations with the west are being developed as we speak. Where are your accolades, Europe, Canada, World when this terrorist state capitulated?

Next, we toppled Iraq’s sadistic, expansionist, terrorist regime; beheaded the Ba’athist snake (Saddam, Uday and Qusay) and killed off or imprisoned most of it’s players. Iraq’s first democratically held elections were held in January, as scheduled. Sixty percent of the population showed up to vote, under threat of death from the freedom hating Fundamentalist fueled whackos. That’s more people than show up in the US, to cast their right to vote. Now who is “occupying” Iraq? The Islamo-fascists or the freedom loving US military who protected the Iraqi people as they marched to the polls to take control of their own fate? Where is the world’s standing ovation for free elections? (Listen up, Jesse Jackson, you fraud.) If the coalition government can tap into hope and freedom and neuter the weak spineless souls and decrepit tribal hostilities, Iraq can one day be free.

And finally, this week, under threat of death and massive protesting in the streets, the Syrian-led Ba’athist occupiers, in a bloodless coup, simply walked off the job. Twenty five thousand Lenanese people took to the streets yelling “Syria Get Out!” and they did. The end of of occupation. The Lebanese people are on the road to being free. (Note to all liberals: Lebanon is what a country looks like when it is occupied. NOT Iraq.) Iran, to be sure, is next. For decades that country has been a simmering groundswell of the d- word (democracy), crushed by old, decrepid, fundamentalist mullahs, the cauldron however is brewing; that spark is alive. Bet on it. If Iranian “dissidents” recieve the right impulse (could it be Lebanon?) those mullahs could quickly implode. After the Lebanese just had the Mother of all Conniption fits, I don’t think I’d want to be Iran and I know I wouldn’t want to be Syria. Next, the dreaded Palestinian Authority could even be falling to freedom. Now that the nefarious Yassar Arafat is dead, the bombings have all but stopped. There is dialogue and a recent suicide bombing that took place just last week was quickly denounced and, more importantly, almost hapless. New Palestinian leaders called for calm. There is a different tone there. Peace may have broken out. (The remainder of this article can be read at nbeaujon.com/domino.htm )

It’s a very naive way of thinking.
You cannot export a western system to the Arab World like a cheeseburger.
Look at Iraq, it’s a complete disaster for the U.S.
But with enough weapons and blood, it may work…for some time…

Go on, Bush-Soldiers, and ruin Americas name in the world.


This week, hundreds of peaceful demonstators, demanding democracy and freedom of speech were massacred.The reaction of George Bush? None. The reaction of the USA administration? very muted. Why? because the thug in charge of the government is an ally of the USA.It rather knocks a dent in your grand parade.

[quote=Axel99]Look at Iraq, it’s a complete disaster for the U.S.

Overall, Operation Iraqi Freedom is meeting its stated objectives. The military objectives of Operation Iraqi Freedom consist of:

First, ending the regime of Saddam Hussein. Result: Success.

Second, to identify, isolate and eliminate, Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Result: Mixed.

Third, to search for, to capture and to drive out terrorists from the country. Result: Work in progress. Too early to tell.

Fourth, to collect intelligence related to terrorist networks. Result: Work in progress. Too early to tell.

Fifth, to collect such intelligence as is related to the global network of illicit weapons of mass destruction. Result: Work in progress. Too early to tell.

Sixth, to end sanctions and to immediately deliver humanitarian support to the displaced and to many needed citizens. Result: Success.

Seventh, to secure Iraq’s oil fields and resources, which belong to the Iraqi people. Result: Success.

Finally, to help the Iraqi people create conditions for a transition to a representative self-government. Result: Success.

– Mark L. Chance.

[quote=maklavan]This week, hundreds of peaceful demonstators, demanding democracy and freedom of speech were massacred.The reaction of George Bush? None. The reaction of the USA administration? very muted. Why? because the thug in charge of the government is an ally of the USA.It rather knocks a dent in your grand parade.

This is not ture. The US has spoken out against the attacks. What we are doing behind the scenes you can’t see. But to expect us to be acting within every country and threatening every country who acts against its own citizens now is naive. We can only do what we can do, as we can do it. So far this president has been extremely impressive in working this endevor. You may also need to understand more about what is going on over there:

From: StrategyPage it sounds like there’s not much we could have done about it:

Uzbek president Islam Karimov appears to have put down the brief uprising in the eastern park of Uzbekistan. Karimov is smart, well organized, corrupt and ruthless. The demonstrators his troops dispersed with force were opposed to the police state methods used to hunt down Islamic radicals. The only group willing to oppose Karimov with armed force are the Islamic radicals, who don’t have a lot of religious support in Uzbekistan. But a lot more people would support the Islamic radicals if it meant a less corrupt, and more effective, government. The unrest in Uzbekistan is more about economics than ideology.

That suggests both an avenue of approach, over the longer term, and a potential downside of not acting. Austin Bay observes:

Hamas played on this same desire – less corruption– among Palestinians sick of Arafat’s kleptocracy. The Taliban played the same game when it took power in Afghanistan, ie “We’re honest, the old regime was not.” Of course the Taliban then proceeded to slide into its own brand of malfeasance (including pay-offs).

Austin Bay has an interesting series on the topic of how freedom spreads:

How Does Freedom Spread?: Part One

Spillover to the East: Tom Nichols, Part Two

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