Bush to Press Congress on Offshore Oil Drilling

Maybe they are just concerned that their environment and their citezens would be subject to pollution due to spills. Like I said a moment ago I think from Katrina there were spills. Do you want that washing up on your shores and getting into your drinking water? I dont. Also its God’s earth and I have no right to destroy his creation for my own needs. He gave us the gift of reason and seems we are not using it anymore. sad really
How about innovation and determination to move forward with technology and be more self reliant and effecient?

Last time I checked, only 22% of Ameircans live in rural areas. You seem to think we need one solution for 100% of the people. Now I ask you, who is being over simplistic?

Your response truly lacks the creativity necessary to solve a problem like this. Do you really think bus routes can’t be added? Expanded? Isn’t where people live part of making choices? Maybe 5 acres 30 miles from town isn’t such an appealing lifestyle anymore. Perhaps we will see a resurgence of interest in urban living.

This is not an answer, just a way to delay the inevitable. We need to rethink how we use energy, how we get it and how we store it. Your “answer” would put us right where we are today in about 10 to 20 years.

Everyone could painlessly reduce energy consumption by 10%. About 80% of the population could reduce use by 50% with some modification to behavior. Proper tire inflation alone would save more oil annually than can be found in the arctic wildlife refuge area.

Many of the “necessary” uses of fuel today will be considered “wasting gas” by Labor Day.


You could do it in 15 in an electric train. Besides, what percentage of Texans are routinely required to make such a journey?


Of course they are. There will always be an element of risk with any human endeavor. I just do not believe that those who wish to take no risk should enjoy the fruits of those that do. Left coaster have no problem letting those in third world countries bear the risk of pumping their oil.

I would like to see you proof of this especially the thing about proper tire inflation. I have read that there are at least 2 to 3 billion, probably more, barrels of oil in ANWAR. I don’t believe proper tire inflation could save that much annually.

Only from storage and processing facilities. None that I could find from wells.


What if you are in a position which you can not take risk such as the poor?


These are pipeline spills. No spills from wells and many of them were 1 barrel or less. ANWAR is unlikely to experience a Katrina. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there will never be a spill from ANWAR, it’s just a risk I am willing to take.

I read it as from the result of damages from katrina.

Are you willing to risk a spill at the expense of native peoples and wildlife?

At the risk of wildlife? Absolutely! At the risk of native people? I do not see any fatal oil spills occuring.

I think people do not have a true scope of how big Alaska is in comparison to the area that would be affected by drilling.

You do not see that of course? We did not expect the Exxon Valdez spill either. We did not expect the damage from Katrina, We did not expect terrorist attacks like we did on 9/11

What if the Inuit say they do not want the drilling in ANWAR? do we do it anyways?

I think right now everything should be on the table for consideration. Offshore drilling, Alaska drilling, nuclear power, wind, solar, flex-fuel cars, plug-in cars, etc.

If the people in a state don’t want to drill, have refineries, nuke plants, wind farms, or whatever, fine, but they have to realize their choices have consequences on higher prices and dependency on mid-East nations. But I don’t think we should nationally be banning technologies. After all, what makes America great is our resourcefulness.

Exxon/Mobil will not longer be offering gasoline for use. There “windfall” profits have come from much more than gasoline. They won’t need the tax breaks.

I believe anyone who owns land should have the right to do what they will with it. If a native Inuit does not want drilling on their land, then that should be respected, as should the wish of his neighbor who finds they may a killing if enough refuse to drive the price up.

That is what is going on right now. The Gwinch’n Inuit who live on the edge of Anwar are allowed to hunt the Carribou to which they rely on as a major food source. The ANWR area is a major calving area for the Carribou.

Sorry I have too much respect for the Native Americans. Our history and exapansion of our country was a result of stealing the majority of the land from these people not to mention the geonocide of millions of Native Americans

That is why I would respect their choice to do with as they will on their land. Indeed if they decide to chase the dollar, that would be their choice too. On the other hand, Alaska is plenty big enough to accommodate both.

Agree but not at the expense of wildlife and native peoples. Which goes back to my point. I think the Presidents comment that it is completely safe is irresponsible. It is not as I pointed out in the government reports I had posted.

We have to be more innovative now. There is no choice. Imagine the jobs we can further create with new technologies in energy, renewable energy, recycling, ect.

OK, and if they drill where they want to drill, exactly how does that affect the Carribou? ANWAR is a very, very big place and my understanding is they only want to drill in a very small part of it.

We hunt elk (related species) here in Arizona, it doesn’t seem like much that we do affects the herds here very much, they are over populated as it is.

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