Bush will sign $48 billion Aids Bill which will fund one-child policy in China

We have done many articles in the past on this.

It passed the Senate last Thursday and the House this Thursday and Bush will sign it.

It will send condoms and female condoms and fund International Planned Parenthood in Africa and** it will also fund the one-child policy in China.** John Kerry’s amendment will allow people with HIV/AIDS to migrate to the US. Only about $10 Billion goes for malaria, tuberculosis, etc.


Why don’t I see many articles on the Catholic news links or even hear about this bill from conservative radio stations?

From Older Articles…Such groups will, according to the bill’s official objectives, receive funding to train 140,000 new “health care workers” to implement the programs. In other words, the bill is likely to create a vast new cadre of family planning personnel in Africa with a personal interest in promoting the population control agenda…

It could quite simply be the biggest single boost in the history of the global pro-abortion movement.


"It also reports that the “the United States government plays an important role in shaping global trends in reproductive and sexual health supplies,” with America providing 42 percent of “global donor support” for family planning, including the female condom

New news article…congoo.com/news/2008July24/Congress-OKs-global-AIDS-fight

[quote]- The United States Congress on Thursday approved a large expansion of a programme to fight Aids and other diseases raging in Africa and elsewhere, sending the measure to President George Bush, who is expected to sign it into law. By a vote of 303-115, the House of Representatives passed…


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