Business owner refusing service to Trump supporters

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November 23, 2016 07:26 AM

There has been so much divisiveness in the two weeks since the presidential election, but an Albuquerque business is going a step further by refusing to have any dealings with Donald Trump supporters.

Matthew Blanchfield runs 1st in SEO, an Albuquerque-based internet marketing company. He’s making his case pretty clear in a blog post, writing “if you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st in SEO and we ask you to leave our firm."



I’m sure Trump supporters will be happy to do business with his competitors.




Nothing special here, any private business owner can refuse service to anyone they choose, and for any reason.


I think some Christian bakers and florists might disagree with you.


As Clinton supporter, these people are wrong!!!


It must be nice to have a business that is so successful that you can afford to chase away and alienate customers. I cannot be labeled a Trump supporter in any way, although I am not sad that Hillary lost, but I would not want to do business with this type of firm. I want people I do business with to focus on my needs and keep their opinions to themselves.


Really? And how does this $&*& know who a Trump supporter is?
How about the Christian bakers who thought they could do this?


I had a Trump supporter remodel my bathroom last year. Spent so much time campaigning for Trump it took him and his workers around five weeks to finish the job. They had promised me no more than one week. I don’t know if I would recommend this guy to anyone. He even gave me a hard time because the neighbor across the street had a Clinton sign up. (There were no Trump signs to be seen for miles.)

And I live in what used to be Henry Hyde’s district. Anyone hear of the Hyde Amendment? :slight_smile:


I wonder if his employees are included in this. If so, I think he’d have a problem. Although he has a right to do business with whoever, I agree that If I were a Trump supporter I’d go elsewhere where I was wanted as a customer. Guess he hast realized in the past a lot of companies failed for less than this. Lots of competition out there too.


Ummmmm ok, what are you trying to say? What does this have to do with the OP unless your spin is all Trump supporters are like this which completely ignores the gays who get their feelings hurt over a cake and decide to sue ?


Oh, gee, I didn’t think of that when I couldn’t use my own bathroom for several days.

Point is, do businesses have to put up or have obnoxious people who don’t know where politics ends?


What you don’t have a plunger? (scratches head)


And its Trumps fault you can’t use your bathroom? That is ridiculous. What in the world is your agenda?


Bakers, photographers, florists, etc. all have been persecuted for not towing a politically correct line.

We’ll now get to see if the media and so many of the agitators now come out against THIS too . . . . or . . . . if they didn’t REALLY believe themselves what they were “preaching”.


Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for my Trump wedding cake.


Yes, we will! :thumbsup:


Indeed! What about Trump supporters who are GLBTQ, Black and Muslim?


Technically not, since they are a private business, but I suspect liberals will say so knowing full well the cases of wedding businesses.


That’s nice, dear. I’m sure another business will appreciate an increase in customer base.

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