Business Trip During Holy Week

Recently my company offered to send me to a conference across the country for 5 days. It’s a great workshop in a very nice location. The only issue is that I will be gone during Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and will get home on Easter morning. I’m very conflicted, because it should be an amazing opportunity (and I would be ecstatic if it was any other week), but I am feeling a lot of guilt if I go. I should be able to get to church on Holy Thursday, but church on Easter would be tough because of the time my flight arrives. I can’t change the times or anything because I have to go with co-workers, so I’m assuming the answer here is that I can’t go. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much.

Talk to your priest.

You are going to get many replies here, but only his advice is worth taking, IMHO.

Maybe go to the vigil Mass for Easter?

I would go. Get to the vigil if you can. If not, I’m sure you can get a dispensation from your priest.

It really comes down to you and your priorities.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you want to look back and say that you got a great promotion because you took part in professional activities, even when they interfered with your life outside of work? Do you want to be able to look at your salary and say that you could afford a wonderful family vacation or private school for your children because you made your career a priority?

Or do you want to look back in five years and say that you put your faith first even when it limited your career opportunities? When your son has a soccer game scheduled that would keep him away from Sunday Mass do you want to be able to point to your own experience of skipping out on a conference because it interfered with your religious observances?

How do you normally observe the Triduum? Do you attend the liturgies on Holy Thursday and Good Friday? Do you normally attend the Easter Vigil or Mass on Easter morning? Is Easter usually a big family occasion and if so, are you willing to miss it?

If it isn’t required I wouldnt. That’s just me though. It could be done if you still observed fast/abstenience laws and had time for church good Friday and Easter. Do you have family? What do they think about it? Easter is family time to me, like Christmas. Yes I suggest asking a priest as well.

Do some research in the area where you will be and see if you can make any of the liturgies being held in the city where you will be. My parish and a few other parishes in my diocese offer Mass on Easter night so you could check that out as well. Except for missing Mass on Easter, I would take advantage of the opportunity, your boss may not offer again if you turn it down this time.

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