Business Week - Earthly Empires - Article

I am short on time but thougt this would be of interest to read on the direction churches have been taking. Comments?

I took a cursory read of that article and I have to say that I am shocked :eek: by what it had to say. Are these megachurches interested in saving souls or just trying to get as many members as possible by tailoring there message like some consumer products company.

They mention Willow Creek in the article and from what I have heard that it is less a church service than theater in the round. In the chapel at Camp As Sayliyah in Doha, Qatar, during the protestant service (as I have been told) an army corporal did an interpretive dance routine. I don’t get how this is anyway spiritual.

However, I digress…the bottom line is that these protestant churches seem geared more toward entertainment then worship.

“Pastor Joel is one of a new generation of evangelical entrepreneurs …”Evangelical entrepreneurs - good grief! It is only a matter of time before the Carlyle Group starts selling franchises to MegaChurch ®™.

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