But I want to!

You’ve seen the news: Women wanting to become priests, gays wanting to marry, Catholics in name only (CINOs) who are pro-abortion, the logic of an everyday liberal. What have they all in common? Every human heart knows exactly what troubles these people because we all have that little monster climbing up our aorta chewing through artery walls, threatening to burst out of our thoracic cavity! Oh I can’t take it! Here it comes!


Okay, I feel better now. Yes, rebellion. Oh how grandiose and splendid does the pride feel when the rules are broken beneath our kinglike feet, and oh how clean our feet are. Who is God to get in the way of my right to marry another man? Who is God to say my mother cannot serve as a Priest? Who is God to try and make me feel bad for my support of abortion?

Why is God always in my way? Can’t He mind his own business?
And that’s where He’s got us. He is minding his own business: the very important business of soul-food jambalaya. A little of this, a little of that, though it may be bitter at first, it will grow to full flavor.

I once wanted to be a pastor of my own Protestant church. I was all ready to sign up for classes to get my Masters of Theology. I looked around the room at the other would-be students and one-day church pastors, and thought about how much truth I held over every one of them, and how I couldn’t wait to show the world the real truth God wanted me to witness about… Then God threw a short blonde girl in my way who happened to be Catholic. I humored her by attending RCIA to get a deeper knowledge of the enemy. You know the rest of the story.

God has reached down and grabbed me behind the shirt and moved me around where He’d like for me to be several times, no matter how much I fight him, so I know what gays, abortionists, and feminist women of power are going through. God is an uphill battle.
I don’t see the pains of women who want to be priests, or gays outraged about not being recognized as married, or guilty abortionists, I see a bunch of winy, snot-nosed, goody-little-too shoos who kick and scream on the kitchen floor about how unjust the world is because they can’t get what they want.

So to all the sinners! May we all find peace in this perceived unjust trial befitting for mankind through the love of our Blessed Lord, Savior, and God, Jesus Christ.


God love you.

I agree to an extant to your post. I think comparing the desire of woman wanting to be priests to the issues of gay marriage is a bit… over the top(not to mention equating it with abortion). I see nothing wrong with thinking women should be allowed into the priesthood or at least the diaconate, as long as you submit to the church on the subject. That’s the thing about Catholics, they are allowed to express what we think but we also have a Magisterium that guides us instead. We shall see what the future holds.

I am thankful for the Magisterium though. It helps me as one who has struggled with the body of Christ being fractured to see that God himself has established a way to guide us here to what is right and proper.

I have heard a description of the Last Judgment that fits this.

The sheep on the right say to God “Thy Will be done”.

And God says to the goats on His left “Your will be done.”:eek:

it is good you are here, otherwise that pile of stones would remain untouched.

Is this sort of like the self-righteous and smug who want to flout Jesus commands and judge everyone else, and strut their holiness in front of others, and shove their way to the front of the Get Into Heaven line?

When they end up at the bottom of Purgatory, do you think they will accept their fate humbly or kick, scream and whine about how unjust it all is that they couldn’t live the way they wanted because they thought it was right?

No matter how many times the Church authorities repeat the fact that it is Catholic Dogma, the supporters of so called ‘women priests’ always pretend they didn’t say anything, or they attempt to downplay what ‘Dogma’ means. I have read articles on Huffinton Post and the like and they don’t use the word ‘Dogma’, but instead ‘law’, implying it can be changed.

Poor souls in Purgatory always humbly submit to Divine Justice. Kicking and screaming in the afterlife is only found in one place.

While it should not be equated to abortion, female ordination is an issue that Rome has closed. Those who agitate for it, therefore, fall well into the whiny category: “Never mind what the Pope has said, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT…”


I hope so. I could use some humility.

That’s a dangerous thing to ask for :wink: God often teaches us humility by putting us in situations that force us to be humble.

Not everybody who rebels does it only to rebel.
Why give rebels a bum rap??
Many people call Jesus a rebel. He came in, knocked over the tables in the temple, and preaches something different than the status quo.
There is a positive reason we have that instinct, too. It’s something that rises up in us when what we see around us needs CHANGING.
Often, it’s a survival instinct. If we killed our instinct to rebel and just remained little lambs who only did what they were told, we’d have no defense against a Hitler, for example, and just follow.

And if one day God sees fit to make women priests…I trust you will accept it calmly, and not rebel against it!

Rome may have closed it. But ya never know what God has in store for us.

“Change is progress only when that change is in the right direction. If one already has the truth, change is not progress. It is departure from the truth.” – Fr. Gordon Knight, Rational Theology.

God will NOT see fit to make women priests. He is eternal and does NOT change with the winds.

Furthermore, Jesus is a rebel to this day of the world (and to those who want women in the priesthood), but not against His own Church.

God love you.

When it comes to the infallible teaching of the Church, there are not going to be surprises later on.

It seems that you are among those who hopes to see a female priesthood one day. Give it up. Penance is the way to sainthood. Dissension against Church teaching is not.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA


Do you think it might be less of an uphill battle if we love our neighbor as ourself?

I am uncertain if you are indicating that I don’t love my neighbor. But you raise a great point I should have mentioned…

Love your neighbor. But don’t grant your neighbor license. I think it would be foolhardy and dangerous to *accept *any action that goes against Christ’s Church. Here, I say action, and more specifically, sin. The homosexual is not an evil being, and is certainly worthy of love, but his sinful actions are cause for upheaval if accepted by the Church or members therein. Likewise, the abortionist is lost in his own sins with clouded vision, likened to a disability. This person is worthy of great love and compassion, but his actions must be rebuked.

We have moral laws, or God’s Law, or conscience; whichever you prefer. This law isn’t a barrier to limit your freedom. It is a patio wall around your 20th story deck that you might be too afraid to barbeque on without. God’s Law prevents great harm that could come to us.

If She had allowed a heresy here and a schism there, the Church would not have existed for 2,000 years, and to think of what the world would be without Her troubles me greatly.

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