:thumbsup: Anything after BUT is of the divel.


Thought provoking… but odd.



I guess so.


sure said!


What? are you serious?:confused:

Satan, Devil, Lucifer whatever—

Needs a “but” to do their thing? Really.


I was a Protestant but, now I am a Catholic.

So, I am from the devil now?:confused:


Too Bad


So sad.


:thumbsup: I didn’t expect you to understand that statement, nor anyone else here…it’s not Catholic.


Well enlighten us then… but, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Well, I’ll try and explain myself, the operative word here is try.

I’ll spot an example: Yes we ( Catholics ) do believe in Jesus Christ, BUT we also pray to saints as ’ incisors ’ between us and Christ. That’s ridiculous.:eek:


Do you realize what you just started??


I believe you mean ‘intercessors’ and not incisors - incisors are teeth :bigyikes:.

How about ‘Catholics do believe in Jesus Christ AND we pray to saints as intercessors because he showed us at Cana and many other places that he does in fact listen to intercesion from Mary and others’ :thumbsup:


**“Incisors”!!! **:confused:

You mean like teeth? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! That IS ridiculous!!

Perhaps you mean “intercessors”?? :smiley:


:gopray: Ah yes…it was so profoundly profound, Catholics couldn’t *possibly *grasp it with our puny and idolatrous little minds…:rolleyes:


I thought you were :slight_smile: BUT actually you are :whacky: .

Yes, I get it.


The Bible says salvation does not come through faith alone (James 2:24) BUT most Protestants believe that salvation comes through faith alone.

Give me a break.

(Although…faith alone is quite ridiculous.)


I am a Catholic now, BUT i used to be a Protestant.

I have the facts now, BUT for a long time I was sooo lost.:stuck_out_tongue:


I once was lost, but now I’m found,
Was blind, but now I see…
The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, The sun forbear to shine; **But **God, who call’d me here below, Will be forever mine.



What any Pope says means nothing but to Catholics. It’s business as usual.:thumbsup:

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