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As an inqirer anxiously awaiting confirmation I have fallen in love ( so to speak) with Gregorian Chant :slight_smile:
I would love to be able to listen to it whenever I want. I often sit outside and observe Gods wonders as I meditate and pray. Is there anyplace it can be bought other than online?

Check your local Catholic bookstore, or sometimes parishes have a little gift shop/bookstore.

Also, swing by your local public library to get a sampling of some CDs out there. Try before you buy!

Thank you! I will do that.
I was discouraged that I could it not find it in stores.

Glad to hear someone else loving Chant! Im 16 years old, and am discerning a vocation to the Priesthood and Religious Life, check out the internet, here, listen to this

^^Absolute favorite thing to listen to at school, (i love country music too!) i know, it gets abit repetetive, but i dont mind. Or go to

^^^browse around, and type in some chant names

or youtube some chants, like Salve Regina, The Ave maria, Dies Irae, etc., Yotube has a very broad selection.( at least for youtube anyway)

Currently i only have 1 cd, (its by ther monks in Domingo, those famous Spanish monks) :frowning: :p, i am currently hoping to start expanding my collection. Its such a beautiful genre of music, and it feels like you are in Heaven, literally.

And to think they threw this kind of beauty away for most of David Hass stuff!! :confused: :confused: :confused:

Check out this:

I have been listening to the chant on you tube lol.
Yes it is SO beautiful!!!


My dad introduced me to chant when I was young. I loved it right away. It helped that the pastor of our church liked it, too, and used to sing it sometimes. Check out my “Easter Greetings” out on this forum. The chant I mention is called “Victimae Paschali Laudes”, which is, of course, about the Resurrection. (In my post, I included the lyrics, both in Latin and in English.) It really is beautiful and conducive to prayer. Here’s a link:

I know you didn’t want to get stuff online, but the above was free so there are probably lots more where this came from. Enjoy!


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