Buying a holy water font online

For our new home I purchased a holy water font online.
It is really nice, old, cool looking.

Its OK that I bought it online, right?
If not, then what do I do?

Yes, it’s ok!

Of course it’s OK. Parishes buy things online too. Before religious goods distributors had online catalogs they had hardcopy catalogs so individuals and parishes used those. to shop for and buy what they needed.

Yes, definitely

I am disabled and homebound, I keep a pail with Holy Water in it, after it is blessed, which no disrespect is intended. I bought a broom sprinkler and bless the souls in Purgatory frequently throughout the day, and my bed at night.
God bless you

You used the Internet?!?!? How dare you! Catholics are supposed to use candles, quill pens and walk everywhere barefoot! :smiley:

Please excuse me, I’m late for my Hypocrites Anonymous meeting… :eek:

It’s completely fine! Having it in your home will bring you many graces.

Ha ha ha, and wear a hair shirt too!

Hair’s too soft after such an infraction. I’m using Brillo. :bigyikes:

BTW, Armor, I don’t mean to hijack your thread. I’m actually a computer professional and see nothing wrong with using any technology for licit purposes.

Could you post an image of the font you chose?

Hopefully it won’t be Comic Sans… :eek: LOL

Oh, the horror! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d really like to understand the line of reasoning that brought you to the point of questioning whether or not it was “ok” to buy a holy water font via the internet. Can you explain why you think it wouldn’t be alright?

I run our local Catholic Gift Store. Guess where I order the water fonts I carry? On line. There is no problem with ordering that kind of stuff on line.

The line of reasoning is this:

I was reading another thread, and it reminded me that is improper to buy and sell relics, blessed items and the like. Then I got paranoid! I was not sure if a used font (containing blessed water in the past) was in the same category. Here is the font :smiley:

Wow, that is gorgeous! You have become an occasion for sin for me because I am jealous of your holy water font :stuck_out_tongue:

In answer to your question, just because an item housed holy water doesn’t, by default, make that item blessed. If a blessed item is sold the blessing is not transferred with it. What is wrong is selling “the blessing.” That is why you will typically see fonts, bottles, etc. sold and the holy water provided free.

I wish I had such a great sense of humor; what a blessing !:slight_smile:

I have a hair shirt all the time…Hot in the summer, but bugs cannot land on me either!

Just holding holy water doesn’t necessarily mean an item is blessed (although typically fixtures for a Church will be blessed before use). That said, it is actually perfectly okay to buy blessed items, so long as you’re not paying more than what it is worth. If I have a rosary that cost $20 and I get it blessed, I can still sell it for $20. To sell it for more than what it’s worth would be to somehow imply that the blessing makes it worth more, or that I’m selling the blessing, which would be sinful. But there is no sin in simply buying religious goods–blessed or not–on the internet so long as your intention is not to buy or sell blessings themselves (which cannot be bought or sold).


Thanks very much!

Very well said.

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