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My parish is looking into replacing our albs as many are getting stained and worn out.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good brand of alb that

a) was made of good material (you can’t see what the person is wearing under it)
b) reasonably priced.

and to head off any comments, we have both boys and girls who serve which the priest is unwilling to try to change, therefore replacing the albs with cassocks are out of the question.


Holy Rood Guild


Try this company. They are very reputable.


Here are several choices:

Both boys and girls (ladies and gents :)) at my parish wear cassocks with surplices. The all white surpolices are for all. Then, as the Altar Server is trained, s/he is promoted to blue embroidery for Junior master of ceremonies and black embroidery for senior master of ceremonies Altar Server. Adults just wear the plain white.

Very nice to get for Easter! Good luck with the project.

Luz Maria

Go to the thread for additional details.
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C, M. Almay makes excellent high quality Albs, both for clergy and servers, even kits for sew it yourself.

But Almay caters mostly to Episcopalians and charges more.


I just purchased some new albs, for our Servers @
I have been quite satisfied with this Company.


I personally advocate for the use of cassock & surplice, if you are able to. In the majority of the history of the Church, the alb was only used for priests, deacons, and subdeacons, and only for Mass. Its use as a catch-all for clergy, and as an item for the non-ordained is fairly recent in the modern Church.

However, if you are going to use an alb, I recommend the Holy Rood Guild. They’re located right near me, so I’ve seen their work area and they care about the quality. The only cons are that they can be pricey (but they’ll easily last 20-30 years), and they take a while to get things done (as everything is done by hand).

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