Buying American - I found the cutest shoes for summer, made right here! What American made stuff have you found?


Believe it or not, I found these at the CVS this weekend! Super cute, and really very comfortable, and at $14.99 I couldn’t pass them up.

Okbashi Aspire

So I get them home, and taking the tags off I see that they are made here in the United States - very unusual for shoes these days. :thumbsup:

What other Made in America products have you found? Let’s support our economy by buying what we can here at home.



Hard to find many things manufactured in our Country any longer.


That's great! Those look really cute and comfy!

I love clothes and fashion so your post really caught my eye!


Hey Corinne - check out our group, you would fit right in! :slight_smile: CAF Girly-Girls



I don't know if I can say this here, if not the moderator is sure to let me know. But I found some of Susan Graver clothing on QVC is made in USA.


A lot of things made on Etsy are made in the US. And you’re supporting independent people.

Although it depends on how technical you want to get. Many components of the items are not from the US, but many are made in the US. Of course it’s not an entirely US site, so you’d have to search for items made here.

I love this shop for little ones


SAS shoes - the best and most comfortable. Not cheap but worth the $$$.


I love Etsy - I buy from there very often!!

SAS shoes - see, I didn’t know that!! Good to know! :thumbsup:



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