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I was looking on Amazon to find a nice Rosary for my Mom for Christmas. I landed on one that said it was blessed by Pope Benedit XVI. I was reading the reviews when I came across a comment that said that it was sinful to be selling that Rosary as it was blessed. Multiple people agreed with them, and I exited the window, no longer interested in it. Then, I realized that the St. Lucy Medal my Mom got me for my birthday was supposedly blessed. I don't think my Mom meant anything disrespectful by getting me a blessed one. Do either of us need to confess this? Thank you!

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It's my understanding it's not sinful to buy or sell blessed objects provided you're not selling the blessing.


One may sell a blessed item for the intrinsic value of the item, and no more, thus preventing the blessing itself from being said. If you had a $20 rosary, and you got it blessed by the Pope, you could sell it for $20.



Here is a link from the Ask an Apologist section regarding this

What would your intentions be if you were to buy the rosary? Would you go out of your way to spend extra money on it specifically because of the blessing? If this is the case it would be a sin because we can not buy or sell blessings, that would be simony.

Or would you buy the rosary and possibly even spend extra money on it because you think that the object itself is beautiful, well made and worth the price that it is listed. If this would be your intention then no it would not be a sin because your intention would be buying a niceobject and not on the blessing.

Anyways, as far as your St Lucy medal. We do not know your mothers intentions. Did she specifically go out of her way to spend extra money on the blessed medal? Like I said we don't know her intentions.


I am not sure if it is a sin or not but I would avoid it. I believe it is called simony. For future
reference, you can purchase a rosary on the VaticanGift website and they will bring it
AFTER the purchase to be blessed by the Pope.

God bless you


Note of a blessed rosary or medal etc is sold -- any attached indulgence ceases.....(some say the blessing does as well -but certainly the indulgence attached ceases --see the Manual of Indulgences)


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