Buying Blessed Items


I understand that blessed items can’t be sold, and when they are sold they lose the blessing, and that you need to go get them re-blessed.

Usually I am fine with this. I understand the Church is against the idea of “selling blessings.”
But I was just wondering whether there is any way to get around this situation, particularly when the item was blessed by someone like a deceased saint or a Pope no longer in office. Obviously it would be nice to somehow retain the blessed nature of the article if possible, since you cannot just go out and get it re-blessed by the same person who is deceased/ unavailable - and especially considering that the item was not purchased in order to be re-sold, but rather purchased by someone who had it blessed, used it and then died and the item is being liquidated as part of their estate. The person buying, such as myself, in turn plans to use the item devoutly.

It would seem that if a devout buyer paid a price fair for the value of the actual item, in other words not inflated to pay “extra” for the blessing, then the blessing should transfer due to good intent on the part of the buyer. Or am I completely wrong here?

When it’s an estate sale, you cannot just expect them to give it to you as a gift, although they can find all sorts of weird ways around it like charging you a super low price for the item and then a fee or donation or shipping or whatever for the rest.



Hummm. What about buying another item at an inflated price and having the Blessed item “thrown in” for free?


That’s definitely possible, since often there is something like a rosary in a case and the seller (usually somebody without a clue about Catholicism, which is another good reason for us devout people to be getting these things out of their hands) is presenting the whole thing as being blessed. I don’t think a blessing attaches to a non-sacramental item like a rosary pouch.


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