Buying food from China


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed the following on items I’ve bought at the local grocery chain stores:

  1. Fresh garlic cloves - 6 packs. Product of China.

  2. Tiliapia fish fillets - In a package with the American flag on the front, and big letters saying “Great American Seafood”. In much smaller letters on the back - “Product of China.”

  3. Apple Juice in 1 qt. plastic bottles – No mention of the country of origin on the paper label. Peel the paper label off the plastic container, and stamped on the plastic “concentrate from China.”

Here we have poison in pet food and toothpaste from China. And toys coated with lead paint and date rape drugs.

Why would we be buying food from China, of all places? Soy sauce perhaps. But apple juice?

I’m afraid to look at the labels any more.


Okay, now you’ve got me curious… Off I go to look in my fridge and pantry…

What’s strange is, I just checked 3 of our Asian sauces, and 1 is from Japan, the other 2 from the US (Wisconsin and California). Our orange juice is from oranges grown in the US and Brazil. Capers from Turkey. Other condiments are from the US. Our potatoes are from Idaho; onions are from Nevada.

I haven’t found anything from China yet… But you’ve made me want to read all those darn labels, though! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know why we buy stuff from china still. My family is trying our best not to buy things, I don’t usually have problems with buying from Asian countries, but China is different. I suggest if you live near any produce stores to buy some things there instead. My parents will only buy milk from a local dairy farm, the dog gets premium US dog food, most food except maybe tv dinners came from here or Italy.


I recall a problem with mislabled fish from China. I think it was hazardous.


Well, we ate a package of the ones we bought. It wasn’t “right” somehow. It looked like a fillet in the package but was basically mush when we tried to cook it.

If it was toxic, it wasn’t bad enough to kill us…so far.

But what bugs me the most was the US flag on the package and “product of China” on the back.


I look at all the labels. I have been ever since the problems with the toothpaste, dog food and seafood. I will not buy any food that comes from China.


That is because everything is put together in the US and the ingriedients came from China. Companies do that so they can get the “made in U.S.” label.


Yes, fish from China has been off my list too. The main grocery that had a fish counter just recently closed it, so I can only get packaged, previously frozen stuff. Yuck. Lots of that comes from China, although I have seen fish from Chile also that I will buy. Funny, the only place left to get fresh fish is my area is the Asian (Korean) market! LOL

I try to buy local produce whenever possible. There is a dairy within the metro area, but the milk is really expensive. For specialty Asian foods I try to get Japanese or from CA.


I read all the labels and try not to buy anything from China.

They have no qualms about killing off or harming their own people, much less their enemies.

All our local fish is too toxic for pregnant moms to eat. I don’t want to eat it either.

Sardines and wild, wild salmon are the safest fish.


I bought some seafood yesterday. I looked at the labels. Of course, the cheaper ones were from China. I bought the more expensive ones that said “Product of USA” on the label.


Do not buy or eat fish from China. I read an article that said to avoid it at all costs. They raise their fish in sewage!


Be careful what you buy at Sam’s Club. I am finding more and more food from China there. I really read the labels now and don’t buy food from China.


I think that it’s ironic that the most populous nation in the world, often used as an example of world overpopulation, is supplying food (of all things) to the richest country in the world.

I also wonder if this rash of poisonous toys and food is some sort of long term intentional effort by China to do us in. Similar to the decline of ancient Rome in part due to the drinking water coming through lead pipes. Of course this is wild speculation, but given all that’s happening around the world, I’m not totally ruling it out.


I don’t think it has anything to do with China per se. It is because American owned companies (the stores) want cheap products. They get the garbage from China since it is cheaper than the quality goods made and grown here in the USA. If Americans stop buying the stuff from China, the stores will stop carrying it. A nationwide boycott of food from China would put an end to it being on the shelves of the grocery stores.


I would love to do this, except for the fact that you don’t always know which things are from China and you’d probably starve trying to eliminate any food that contains something from China.:frowning:


The labels would say if it is from China.


Not always. For example, the juice I buy from my local grocery store is the store brand juice. There are 3 different kinds of juice in it and it does not say anywhere on the label where the origin of the juices is, it just says “distributed by…” on the label. Also, there may be a product that is made in the U.S., but has a certain ingredient in it that the company that makes it gets from China. So it will just say “made in the U.S”.


I understand what you are saying. I avoid any product that says “Made in China” or “Product of China”, but you are correct in terms of individual ingredients not being listed as to country of origin.


Try looking under the paper label. The plastic or glass bottle probably says “concentrate from USA” or “concentrate from China”.


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