Buying from iTunes

Do all iTunes albums come with DRM? I thought they came in MP3, but if not I’m not sure my player can handle AAC [or whatever iTunes format is called].

The last time I bought from iTunes was a while ago (I usually go with Amazon or, most often, still stick with the CDs), but when I did, it was an mp3. I remember being somewhat surprised as I’d figured they’d try to keep people corralled in to Apple products with the AAC format. But I suppose that would decrease their market share.

You can always create an mp3 format of your music in iTunes (select song/s, Advanced|Create mp3 version) if you need to change format.

Hope this helps! Peace and all good.

Last time I checked, all song on iTunes are DRM-free 256kbps AAC.

You can convert songs in iTunes to MP3 by right-clicking on a song and selecting “create MP3 version” (I believe the settings are under Preferences->General->Import Settings).

If you want even more control/settings, Audacity is a great music-editing program that has MP3 import/export capabilities (and can also import the AAC formatted music).

Audacity’s MP3 import/export capabilities are quite “Lame” :smiley:


Thanx for all your help.


Well, I didn’t want to get bogged down in details.

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