Buying home products that aren't "Christian"?


I’ve been buying Melaleuca products for my family; a close Catholic friend has a membership to the Melaleuca company and passes her membership savings to her friends. I’ve tried the products and really like their naturally-based ingredients and the fact that they work very well.

However, I’ve come to the realization that Melaleuca is a Mormon-held company. It didn’t use to bother me at all, but now I’m wondering if I should re-think that.

Your thoughts?


Personally, I don’t think there is a problem with purchasing from them because they are Mormon. It always bothers me when I hear some of my evangelical family members say that they use a business or service because they are “Christians”.

However, I wouldn’t purchase anything from Melaluca because I do not like the company’s sneaky business marketing practices. The sell under many names, the sales people I know are more interested in signing people up under their name than they are selling product.


We were members too (we suspended our account temporarily with DH being out of work). I didn’t know it was a Mormon company…our friends who got us into it are Catholic, I wonder if they know…

(By the way, I like their cleaning products too!)


Personally I would have no problem continuing with the products. The fact that the company is owned by Mormons would not have any real heartburn for me. It is an interesting question, though, because I would never knowingly support a company that was owned by witches or Pagans or anything like that; but I have no problem eating in a deli that’s owned by a Jewish family.

I will readily admit that I do not know much of the Mormon faith – except the really bad stuff you hear in the news; but I wouldn’t want to cast a shadow on all Mormons just the same as I don’t want anybody cast a shadow on the entire Catholic religion because of a few priests who did unspeakable things. The only Mormons I’ve known have been very loving, family-oriented people.

So that’s my two cents – add $3 to that and go get a cup of coffee at Starbucks:D


A group of LDS members own the company, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or a branch or subsidiary owns it? Example: I have a friend who uses Desseret Book to do a lot of shopping for cute little knick-knacks. She encouraged me to use it, but I found out Desseret Book is an arm of the LDS, so I don’t shop there. However, I would use her husband’s company to do the work they do, as he is really good at it, even though he is a Mormon.


That’s why my friend splits her membership and the savings with me and a few other women. Then she’s not hamstrung by the mandatory order every month, which I think is kinda stupid.


Franklin Covey is also a Mormon owned company. I am not a huge fan of the 7 habits collection, although I do LOVE their planners!!!


My SIL used Melaleuca as well, and she’s Catholic. I have her buy me some things and I just pay her back. I like their Mela-Magic for the Floor and the Tough and Tender :slight_smile:

I don’t think they are owned by the LDS church, maybe just a person who happens to be Mormon.

How would you feel if you owned a business and people wouldn’t buy from you because you are Catholic? It’s one thing if it’s the actual churches business vs someone who just happens to believe that way.


You make a REALLY good point!! I own a business and if I had to rely on just Catholic’s to buy from me, I would have closed a long time ago. One of my best customers is some “nature worship” I really forget what she told me the name was. I am not going to refuse her purchase because she isn’t Christian! I know I will not support a company that is Pro-abortion, although I know I haven’t checked Walmart or Targets (or most of the other stores I shop at) postitions on this :blush:


I was a Melaleuca rep for awhile. I wouldn’t worry about the fact that they are owned by Mormons. Though I don’t agree with Mormon theology, that won’t prevent one from being my friend or business partner.

However - I would be concerned with supplying funds to a company that perpetuates a drastically flawed business plan. This is a network marketing company, and, as such is essentially a pyramid scheme (though not legally such, and they can’t be prosecuted, it essentially is by its nature).

Melaleuca is no different from Amway(which is trying to make a comeback, warn your children - I recently saved my brother!) also known as Quixtar. Market America also falls in this territory.

The MO is usually to get people excited about “building a business” when all they’re going to be doing is recruiting distributors.

So to recap - the religion of the company here is not the problem - its the exploitative business model (though I am glad you’re not a member and your friend actually retails rather than trying to sign people up! That is the only ethical way to do business in this model, and its probably not very profitable!)


If we can only shop from 100% Catholic owned companies, does that also apply to the suppliers of THOSE companies - and then to the people who deliver the raw materials of those companies?

Then, we get into public companies - to see if every stock holder of Pepsi is a Catholic - man, that would be a full time job!

The fact that they are spendy would turn ME off Melaluca - not the Mormon aspect.


I have known many Mormons that are faithful to their beliefs, very moral and upright, family oriented, and generally good and loving people.

I would much rather support someone who is Mormon, than someone who is atheist or a-religious.



What do you mean “pro-abortion companies?” As in they give money to pro-choice candidates campaigns? I don’t get it.

WALMART is terrible, they may not be performing abortions (although it’s been said they force their workers to have them, and they force them with pregnancy tests), but they are certainly using third world sweat shop techniques to bring you things so cheaply.

I have pretty much boycotted walmart. When I do shop there I feel guilty. They are so WRONG on so many levels.

Target on the other hand – well I love me some Target. I’ll be devastated to find out they are doing the same.


If the ingredients benefit you, buy them.
Also, note that Mormons are also Christians.


Not to derail this thread, but not according the CC! They believe that the Trinity is 3 Gods, etc etc.

Notice here under non-Christian


No, they are not.


Who? Melaleuca?? I don’t even know what they’re sellin. Are they something like Amway?? LOL.


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