Buying house before marriage

Another random question here…

Cohabitation isn’t allowed. Does the Church say anything about buying a house before getting married (even if you don’t live there w/fiance)?

If only one of you lives there (and there’s no overnight parties for two :p) then I don’t see why not. Some things are going to require advance planning. Housing is often one of those things.

I would not suggest doing so as a couple.

I am not a lawyer so that is not my area from the legal aspect.

One reason is that one must be* free *up to the last moment in getting married…

You do not want a “hey we have a house already” hanging over your head.

Not a good idea. All sorts of things, both good and bad, can happen before you are actually married. It’s better to wait.

Apart from the moral issue, it is just not wise for a variety of reasons.

I should have added:

If YOU want to buy a house, in your name only, go right ahead. But don’t co-mingle money & debts before marriage.

And same for your intended spouse. After marriage, one house can be sold or rented out (if you can deal with that - I can’t).

What’s the rush? it’s far easier t qualify for a house with 2 incomes. :coffeeread:

Not at all. The Church does not expect one to live with parents or roommates or in an apartment until marriage. If you want one and can afford it, there is no reason to put off buying a house; prices are low now and you can take your time to look for a good deal.

Go for it!
It eliminates one of the biggest stress factors of young married couples. It will allow you time to focus on other issues.

“Cohabitation” is a euphemism. It is not a sin in itself to live under the same roof, or even to sleep in the same bed. It’s usually a near occasion to the sin of “cohabitation,” of course… which is habitual fornication with a person with whom you are in some kind of stable romantic relationship with. Or something along those lines.

I don’t know why this is being so negatively portrayed for an engaged couple. As long as they keep separate residencies until marriage, there is no reason a husband can’t be thinking ahead and providing his bride-to-be a new home for when they marry. Throughout the centuries it was common practice for a man to either be able to build or save up enough money to afford a house. It was a sign he was ready to marry, as he had a dwelling place to welcome his new bride into. It was part of the wedding gift. Diamond rings aren’t nearly as important as a house for an investment. You cannot compare the two. A house is a much better investment for his future bride than a diamond ring. Providence for a wife-to-be. There’s no sin in that. :shrug:

Mark it down. Jan 14 2016. You and I agree.
I think if you are in the planning stages of a wedding buying a house is just fine if not down right smart. If you can’t trust someone in a joint financial decision now then you should not be planning a wedding. Being in a position to buy a house, pay for a wedding and such puts you on an amazingly responsible financiall curve. All this comes with a caveat. The answer is no if you don’t have a ring and a date and are not in the booking stages of a wedding then the “engagement” is not really an engagement.
And of course no cohabitation. Not even if you feel like one person is throwing away rent for a couple months.

I agree here. :slight_smile:

Bad move. The cart is before the horse. Wait until you are married.

I’m stunned!:smiley:

I bought a house long before I met my husband. It would have been silly - from my point of view - to rent or live with my parents as I had no intention of getting married. I wanted my own home. I had no difficulty qualifying for a loan, even with a rather low-paying job.

And 10 years later, it became “our” home. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but that’s different.

True, but I do think young people should have a life & do things by themselves before being attached to someone else. Valuable life lessons & all that. :slight_smile:

Yes. Exactly! This especially looks good if a man has his own home prior to the wedding. Again, it used to be common for the man to build or buy a home for his bride to be PRIOR to the wedding. St Joseph had a home ready for Mary BEFORE they married and “he took her into his home.” Can’t beat that for an example. :wink:

Some women may like that and some women wouldn’t. As a woman, I myself would like to jointly choose the family home that I am to live in with my spouse…Instead of having a proposed spouse unilaterally make that decision for us before marriage. And then there is the legal aspect of it also. Legally speaking it would only be one party who would have their name on the legal deed to the property, and not my name, which would bother me also.

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