Buying house before marriage

It’s easy to add the spouse’s name. That’s what we did.

Yes! :thumbsup:

We did.

Well, technically my husband bought the house but we went house shopping together and I made the final decision on the house we ended up buying.

We didn’t live in it until after we got married.

It was a total whirlwind and not something I would recommend.

We got engaged, found out we were expecting our oldest, converted to the Church and started RCIA, hubby got approved for a loan and we went house hunting, had the baby, found and bought the house, were accepted into the Church, got married and moved into the house as a family.

We did all of that within 9 months and from having our oldest to moving into the house we did that in 3 months.
Just to lay out some facts…we had been together for the better part of 4 years before all of this started to happen.

It was ridiculous and stressful. But it’s a fun story to tell the kids when they get older. And we’re Catholic now…so, how we got to purchasing the house before Marriage was a moot point.

I don’t think it’s a terrible idea not to wait. As long as you aren’t living in it together. It might actually be a wise idea for just one of you to go for the loan. You can pick the house out together but you aren’t mixing financials before marriage.

Then…two incomes can easily cover the mortgage and other expenses or someone can realistically stay home with kids if they want to.

Besides…you can add a spouse to the deed after you get married. I’m listed on the deed of our house now. Hubby added me after we got married. Yes, the loan is in his name but I don’t think that matters so much anyway.

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