Buying material goods with a significant amount of money?


Would it be sinful to spend a significant amount of money on personal interests? E.g $30 on new shoes even though I already have some.


I don’t see why not. Try tithing your extra spending money (other than that for necessities.) So if you have thirty dollars to “play” with, give three to Church or charity too. That’s what I try to do. :shrug:


Its your money, why would it be a sin to spend some of it on something you want.


Sirach, chapter 14; 3-16

The Use of Wealth

Wealth is not appropriate for the mean-spirited;* to misers, what use is gold?
What they deny themselves they collect for someone else, and strangers will live sumptuously on their possessions.
To whom will they be generous that are stingy with themselves and do not enjoy what is their own?
None are worse than those who are stingy with themselves; they punish their own avarice.

If ever they do good, it is by mistake; in the end they reveal their meanness.
Misers are evil people, they turn away and disregard others.
The greedy see their share as not enough; greedy injustice dries up the soul.
The eye of the miserly is rapacious for food, but there is none of it on their own table.

  • My son, if you have the means, treat yourself well, and enjoy life as best you can.
    Remember that death does not delay, and you have not been told the grave’s appointed time.
    Before you die, be good to your friends; give them a share in what you possess.
    Do not deprive yourself of good things now or let a choice portion escape you.
    Will you not leave your riches to others, and your earnings to be divided by lot?
    Give and take, treat yourself well, for in Sheol there are no joys to seek.


As long as your not going to be $30 short on rent at the end of the month or will be forcing your kids to eat bread and water for a week to fund your purchase you should go buy your shoes.


Thirty dollars for shoes is not unreasonable.

A pair of good shoes could last a long time.


Excellent way to approach this. :thumbsup:


Spending keeps others employed, the real restriction is against hoarding your money so no one benefits from its use. Spread the wealth, tithe a bit, keep the global economy going!


I like to buy yarn. I loom knit hats for donation during advent, so i use that reason to buy more yarn (which i do use to make more hats for donation).


From the thread title I thought you were considering spending a lot of money on something totally useless, like $1,000 for a baseball card.

Shoes are practical. As long as you’re going to wear them, and they’re not horribly overpriced, I don’t see a problem.


I think its actually better to buy more expensive shoes, when it comes to footwear, you get what you pay for and wearing bad shoes consistently causes foot problems, and Ive found the cheaper ones wear out quicker, forcing you to buy another $30 pair.

I wear casual oxfords for work and Nike sneakers for play, I spend about $80-100 on a pair of shoes, but I can usually get 2- 3 years from the sneakers. I take a soft bristle brush to them here and there and they look brand new again.


ResoluteSheep, this thread and the other one you started, about whether it’s OK to listen to secular music on Sunday, suggest to me that you may be developing some scrupulosity about some things that are not really sins. I think it would be good for you to talk with a priest or spiritual director about these things “face-to-face”.


I agree.


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