Buying Rosary Blessed by Pope?

I was looking around at my Rosary options this afternoon, and noticed a couple of web sites that offer to have it blessed by the Pope during his general audience.

I’m curious if anyone knows if sites such as these are “for real”? I’d hate to purchase one not knowing if it was truly blessed!

Seeking comments, good and bad, about this! This will be my first rosary (I’m a recent convert), and I do want it to be special, but I don’t want to purchase from a place who is taking advantage of me :frowning:

This Saturday, you can bring your food and things you will be sharing at Easter Sunday to church for the Blessing (usually parishes do that traditionally the Saturday before Easter. You can buy a rosaray locally, and just bring it to church and ask your priest to bless it. The blessing is the same from a priest or the Pope, and it wont get damaged in the mail either!

One cannot “buy” a blessing. I’d suggest supporting your local Catholic goods store and buy a rosary there, have your Priest bless it - then, someday, make a trip to see the Pope and have get that blessing too.

Are you buying it, or receiving in it return for a donation? My MIL owns a religious shop and for years she’s told people that once an item is blessed, it becomes a sacramental and cannot be bought or sold (I don’t know if this is church law, or what, I just know this is what she’s said for years.)

I guess this company could by-pass that by selling it to you first, THEN having it blessed, but somehow I doubt that’s the way it works. But if it’s a “gift” in return for a donation, then I guess it would be all right to have it blessed before the money is exchanged.

Just my $0.02, I could be totally off on this. Anyone?

The sites say that it is purchased first and then blessed for free - no extra charges are added for the blessing, just a delay in shipping for them to go and get it blessed.

I am just curious. How important is it that a rosary gets the blessing of a Pope? or a priest?
Does a prayer using an unblessed rosary worth nothing, worth more if blessed by a priest, and much more by a Pope?
Could a blessed rosary be regarded as a charm ( with some magic power in it) then?

From what I understand (which isn’t much yet!), a blessed rosary is a “sacramental”. I think it is pretty important to get your rosary blessed. In a pinch, certainly use your rosary unblessed (side note - a rosary isn’t needed for praying the rosary).

And I think (??) the blessing is the same whether it is from a priest, bishop, or the pope. Who you get it blssed by is probably more of a sentimental thing?

Once an item is blessed, IF the item is sold, the blessing does not go with it.

Many people have their houses blessed. When the house is sold, the new owners would need to have the house blessed as the blessing does not transfer with the sale.

Yeah, I agree with this. God isn’t an attorney that you can outsmart!

If you buy a rosary from the Vatican store, you purchase it and then they will take it and have it blessed for you. I don’t think that is selling a blessing, because you have already paid for it. Anyone?

I have bought one of those and they take it AFTER you have purchased it and it came in the mail in great condition. But a PP was correct. The blessing is the same whether it is from you priest or the Pope. Deacons can also bless things if your priest isn’t available.:thumbsup:

what’s it mainly about?

Why would one want a blessed Rosary?

I am new to the Catholic faith and honestly just want to know.

I was researching on the Rosary today (didn’t know much about it 2 days ago), and some of the Apologists answers in this forum state that a blessing isn’t required or needed. The Rosary is just a pre-defined method of prayer and remembering (the right word?) of Jesus’ birth and death, and Mary. So, the object itself isn’t important, the prayer and remembrance is?

I am just trying to understand as I want to know. I’m also getting used to Mary being a bigger part of the focus in Catholicism, as I was raised Baptist and nondenominational.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I have a rosary that I bought while in Rome in the 1980’s and which I had blessed by Pope JPII. The rosary is not “worth more” than if it had never been blessed, though I’m sure you could sell it on e-Bay for more than I paid for the Rosary. If I were certain that this is the same Rosary I actually had blessed, and if I could prove that His Holiness blessed it. Unfortunately, one is as the mercy of someone’s word when one buys a rosary that has supposedly been 'blessed by _________". No one issues a seal or certificate from the Vatican or elsewhere certifying that it has been blessed by the luminary in question. It probably is more meaningful to the individual if they have a Rosary that has been blessed by someone they personally have met/have seen/respect/revere, etcetera, but it doesn’t add to the value of the Rosary for anyone else.

To the best of my knowledge, blessing a Rosary–or any other religious item–simply makes the article a more-meaningful conduit of grace for the person who had it blessed. But the best way to ‘bless’ a Rosary, IMHO, is to pray the Rosary. Just my thoughts.

When a priest blesses a rosary or medal of a Saint, the Blessed Virgin, or other such like, I was taught that object becomes a Sacramental and is therefore more worthy of reverence than if not Blessed. So do have your rosary blessed.

A constitutive blessing, invoked by a bishop, priest or deacon, signifies the permanent sanctification and dedication of a person or thing for some sacred purpose. Here the person or object takes on a sacred character and would not be returned to non-sacred or profane use. For example, when religious Sisters or Brothers profess final vows, they are blessed, indicating a permanent change in their lives. Or, when a chalice is blessed, it becomes a sacred vessel dedicated solely to sacred usage.

This is a good article from EWTN "What is a blessing?"

At my baptism I was given a rosary that had been blessed by JPII by my godmother, which I used and had blessed at my first confession, first holy communion and confirmation.

I went to Rome there last year for Archbishop Brady’s consistory and mine was the first thing he blessed as cardinal, and over the years all the other Irish cardinals have blessed it too. and it was also blessed during pope benedicts general audience.

I know that makes it seem like one of those silly notebooks people make celebrities sign, but everytime I use it I cant help but reflect on all the important times during my life that it was present.

This may answer your question, OP.

  1. Use of Articles of Devotion (Obiectorum pietatis usus)
    The faithful, who devoutly use an article of devotion (crucifix or cross, rosary. scapular or medal) properly blessed by any priest, obtain a partial indulgence.

But if the article of devotion has been blessed by the Sovereign Pontiff or by any Bishop, the faithful, using it, can also gain a plenary indulgence on the feast of the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, provided they also make a profession of faith according to any legitimate formula.

The above grant is taken from Norm 17 of the [1967] Apostolic Constitution The Doctrine of Indulgences. Also Norm 19 of the Enchiridion [1968]

If you buy an object that is already “blessed” it is called Simony and it is a sin…plus it will not be blessed anymore once you give money for it. This is why the Church did away with monetary indulgences.

Whether the Rosary loses its blessing or not as a result of a “sale”, if it was really blessed by the Pope by hand, then it might become a relic if he becomes a saint. Right?

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