Buying secular book with word "Bible" in it

Is buying books with titles of “the XYZ Bible” (i.e, something like “car maintence Bible,” “Exam prep Bible”) immoral? I feel that the title would be profane, and I’m wondering if I would be sinning by buying it.

Do you have scrupulous thought often?


“Bible” means book.

I stray away from people who talk about “The Bible” as an entity. Our Bible is a collection of scrolls/papyrus with writing, inspired by God, on them. You can take pieces of deer skin, write words found in scripture on them and get the same message you would have gotten from the writings as from a Bible, if not more. God had the original prophets write words on material and put them in a scroll. There are many scrolls. It would be counterintuitive to call something: “The Computer Scroll”. “Bible” is not patented by God for His Word, there is no need. His Word can be written on a rock and still be valid.

What I hear is your reverence for God’s word, but don’t try to use words to respect His teachings; Use obedience and you’ll be fine.

No, it is not sinful to buy a book that utilizes the word “bible” as part of the title.

Bible literally just means “collection of books” or “large book”, so no. If it’s any occasion of sin at all, it must be exceedingly minor, possibly for trivialising Scripture. But I doubt even that’s the case.

If anything, it’s an acknowledgement that the Bible contains all the information we need. :slight_smile:

All it means is that they are claiming to be the ultimate resource or the definitive resource on that particular subject. They aren’t trying to be profane - actually, it’s a compliment to the Bible, in that the word “Bible” means “resource of definite truth” in this context.

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