Buying statues at a yerberia


I live close to a store that sells nice catholic items. They have nice staues,holy cards,and other catholic stuff. Each catholic item in the store is unique but beautiful. However this place also sells stuff like lucky amuelts,shampoo to find a partner,good luck soap , and other crazy stuff like that. This is called a yerberia in Spanish or a botánica . I want to know if it would be okay for me to but stuff there.


Talk to your priest, or even bishop about it. IMHO it does sound weird… If they’re real Catholics then they’ll listen to their authorities.

If that’s the only Catholic store around… I don’t see the problem, since it will help your soul. Maybe before buying, if you don’t feel like a priest’s opinion is necessary, talk to the owner and tell them how wrong it is before giving them your money.

Honestly you’re blessed to have a store nearby, mine are all two hours away!


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