Buying weapons underage


My friend was at the local summer carnival and he bought a sword cane and knives underage even when I texted him and said not to buy them. He texted me and said he would throw them out. Buying weapons under age is illegal so do I have an obligation to report him?


Have you reached out to your pastor yet for professional assistance with your scrupulosity as suggested in previous threads?


If you suspect he is going to use those weapons for to hurt or intimidate people, then yes. Otherwise, no. Mind your business.


“Weapons” sold at a carnival are toys - not the real thing. There are no age restrictions for toys.


That might be a US policy but other countries, aware that ‘entrepreneurs’ vigorously take advantage of this concession, include toys in their restrictions. For example, the many visitors to Japan from Australia routinely have their toy nun chucks confiscated and burned.

Check with your authorities about the status of these ‘weapons’ but if they are illegal you should definitely report them.


You should stop posting these types of things and seek the help with scruples that has been suggested many many times. BTW if you are going to report anyone report those SELLING weapons TO underage kids… Not the kids buying them…
But I think you will find the carnival probably was within the law…


I do not think you have an obligation to report them. It is a matter of prudence. Are they going to use these weapons to harm people? Unless you have good reason to believe they are going to hurt someone why would there be an obligation to report them? To help uphold justice? I would think that telling him not to buy them was enough.

The question you have asked raises the question of what the principle is regarding our duty as citizens to uphold justice in society and how far this extends. I would say that unless reporting the crime is necessary to prevent serious harm we do not have an obligation to report friends.


Yes, I now have a spiritual director from the US that I talk to over the phone. I also talk with a priest over the phone that is about an hour away.


Great! Keep focusing on getting better!


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