Buzzed during Mass

My hubby and I had a few drinks Sunday afternoon. I left for Mass a little early and went to Wal-Mart, which was packed, and arrived very late to Mass. At this point, I realized I was still a little buzzed from our afternoon drinks (I know, I know). Of course, I did NOT receive the Eucharist, but I still feel horrible. Is this a mortal sin? Would it have been better for me not to go to mass at all?

No, I am sure that going to Mass while a little intoxicated is not a sin. Anyways I hope y’all weren’t driving…

Bless You my reader.
Atleast You tryed to go to mass,and You had sence enough to not take communion,and I think that You are safe,just don’t make a habbit of it. And there is one “earthly” point,how much alcohol You had in You when You went driving,or did You walk. If You kill someone driving drunk,that is a sin,a big one.

As long as you went to Mass, and made sure not to let others know you were still a bit buzzed, it’s all good. Better to go to Mass, than wait it out at home. Btw, make sure that you arrive at Mass before the gospel is complete, as that is the latest it can be considered a valid fulfillment of your Sunday obligation.

And as long you did not get sick at Mass.

Our Lord’s first miracle was changing water to wine at a big party. I would reason to believe he shared in the partaking. I have read that the Jewish wedding parties back then were quite the wild affair. I have been to a few that were a lot of fun - more recently.

Presumably you drove there. Not a mortal sin, but venial at least.

Got to mass late and intoxicated…hmmmm…no, not a mortal sin.

I’d be more concerned about whether you put yourself and others lives at risk by driving buzzed. Better to stay home and sleep it off, methinks. The obligation to go to mass does not carry with it a requirement to check your common sense at the door.

I know that most people seem to be okay with the situation, and I can’t speak on the sinfulness of the act or not, but I feel you are walking quite a thin line when it comes down to it.

I guess the biggest issue is why would you drink enough to get buzzed if you knew you were going to mass later. Depending on how you view consumption of alcohol a sin, I know some people who think ‘getting buzzed’ constitutes ‘drinking in excess’ because your judgment and brain are impaired at that point.

I’ve had two drinks at a late lunch before going to evening Mass on a holy day of obligation, and even then I felt weird. I was almost nervous people would smell beer on my breath. Again, I can’t speak on the sinfulness, but I feel it is a dangerous path to start down if this could potentially be a pattern (i.e. drinks watching football games, then Sunday evening mass).

If you were buzzed at Mass, you were probably more so while you were driving to Walmart and to church.

Additional thought:

So much for full, active conscious participation.

Liturgy is as much what we put into it as what we get out of it. Going to mass intoxicated, methinks, is about “getting” cheap grace; giving lip service to an obligation and not much more.

As others have said, you should be very concerned about drinking and driving whether you are going to Walmart, Mass, or anywhere else…

Best plan for the future would be to go to Mass Sunday morning before you decide to have a few drinks, or drink on Saturday evening so you are sobered up before Sunday evening Mass. It sounds as if your schedule for the day was a little out of order–drinks first, then stopping for a few errands or a bit of diversion on your way to Mass. You should instead try to spend the 1/2 hour or so before Mass in preparation for Mass not out running errands!

Thanks for the responses! I think I knew I was going to be a bit late to Mass, which is not something I normally do, but i didn’t realize how long Wal-Mart would take. I actually got to Mass during the Lamb of God (I know, very late), but I felt so bad about it that I spent the rest of mass on my knees praying very fervently and asking God’s forgiveness. I don’t think I realized how buzzed I was until I got into the quiet of the Church, otherwise I would NOT have driven at all. Unfortunately, this was the last Mass of the day, so I could not have gone to a later mass. I would have gone earlier if I had known how it would turn out :frowning:

please tell me this was an evening Mass
the problem, if you were still feeling the effects when you left the house, was driving, no matter where you were headed. You should not have gone to Mass if you were too affected to drive, but maybe a combination of the crowds, stress of being late, made it worse. As long as you were fasting from all food and drink for at least an hour before communion you were able to receive. anytime your stomach is upset it is best not to receive, to avoid irreverance if it gets the better of you. I avoid Walmart on Sunday afternoon as everyone and his family goes at that time.

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