By their fruits you will know them

Having had the experience of God in my life, I moved from a total non believer, to a believer in God and his Son Our Lord Jesus the Christ.

I have been on a search ever since.

That has led me here, and I will continue to explore catholicism and orthodoxy as I have been looking at these churchs for a long time now.

However, what I never considered, ever, was going to a Lutheran Church.

But due to the input of the Lutheran posters here, I have been quietly in the background reading a lot more on Luther, Lutheranism, and The Augsburg Confession. The way Lutherans have conducted themsleves here has made me want to look further into what informs their beliefs.

Tomorrow, I am going to a Lutheran Church for Morning Prayers at 9.50am followed by Choral Eucharist at 11am.

I am guessing it will be very similar to a catholic church service, but I’ve never heard of a Choral Eucharist before. Sounds beautiful.

Now, I’m not saying I am going to become a Lutheran or anything else. Still expoloring and will be for some time to come expect.

But the Lutheran posters here have been very impressive in their charity, erudition, knowledge and manifistation of their faith, and I’m finding Lutheranism very compelling right now if that is the end result.

I’m looking forward to attending my first Lutheran Service.

Good luck!

But remember that they do not have valid sacraments nor apostolic succession, and are not recognised by either the Orthodox or Catholic Church. That ought to tell you something…

I can’t wait to hear about it. I think very highly of a Lutheran poster here, and really would like to have that expereince as well.

Here’s hoping you have a great service.


I’m very glad for you to be searching for our Lord who, in my understanding, walks with us and sometimes even carries us along our journey.

During your journey, remember to not impose our own will on God since he is not a creation but the Creator. (This is something I often fail at and must seek forgiveness constantly.)

Also I do not want to scare you, but I would like to remind you to keep an eye on Matthew 7 in its entirety. I am not an apologist, so take my words as a well wisher on your journey. Matthew 7, from my understanding, teaches us to see ourselves for who and what we really are (1-5); to recognize the Truth for its worth (6); to seek the kindness and charity of God (7-11); to be a source of individual charity (12); to accept the difficulty and sacrifice needed to follow Christ (13-14); to be steadfast against the deceivers who do not bare the fruit of Christ, his true words, his true mission, his true love and sacrifice (15-20), to live by God’s will and not some cheapening of it perfumed by heartless deeds (21-23); and to know what Christ teaches is what we need to have a foundation that cannot be destroyed for Jesus’s teachings are the blueprint and God is the architect. (24-29)

These “announcement” posts are always intriguing, and the amateur psycho-analyst (with a concentration in Internet personalities) in me goes into hyper-drive. Though I resist the urge to post my “diagnosis”, this time I can’t help but ask, Why?

For the OP, Why did you post this “announcement” on this particular board? This board doesn’t seem to be a support board of any kind, and personal stories are very rarely shared. It’s more of a discussion/debate board. This leaves one to wonder what your goal was in posting this. To initiate debate? Simply to share what you’re doing this weekend?

For everyone else, What do you make of these “announcements”? Of those announcing they will become Catholic? Of those who announce that after coming here, they’ve decided to look into something else?

Well, I’ve had a very interesting and thought provoking morning, not to mention meeting and sharing with some truely wonderful christians. I was going to share the experience here, and ask some quesitons triggered by some of the exchages I’ve had with the people I met this morning, but having read your post, maybe you’d like to prep me first as to what I am and aren’t allowed to say/post/ask on a catholic internet forum.

I wouldn’t want the amateur psyho-analyst in you to start hyper ventilating again now would I :rolleyes:

I guess my post took the wind out of your sails. :wink:

On the contrary - I’m just waiting for you to get back to me to tell me what I can and can’t post here seeing as you’re the self appointed monitor of peoples motives . :rolleyes:

Or, shall I continue … with your permission of course :shrug:

Ok. I’ll take your lack of response as approval for me to post.

With special thanks to kalt for permission to post here, on an internet forum:

The Lutheran service I attended was truely a very devout and reverential experience.

I was struck by the incredible similarity between both the order of the mass, and the wording of the prayers throughout mass, and that of the catholic masses I’ve been attending.

I was greeted as a stranger and made very welcome.

At coffee afterwards, I had several discussions with people which varied from the ‘‘Hi how are you, you’re very welcome among us’’ to more serious discussion prompted by my questioning. I stayed a lot longer than I intened to:

Key things I took away:

  • The service was very reverential, and very similar to a catholic mass

  • Everyone seemed to be aware of a stranger in their mists and went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable

  • Consubstanciation - For now, I can get to grips with this easier than Trans substanciation

  • One of the guys I was talking to lost me on the Scripture is sufficient arguement - no need for a magisterium or Pope.I couldnt agree but couldnt remember the passages I wanted to cite to develop the discussion more.

  • Prayer to saints - pointless because they are dead. And it’s not scriptural. Again, I couldn’t agree.

  • I was struck by how immersed everyone seemed to be in their faith, and how knowledgable everyone was about their faith, and were happy to answer questions.

Overall I spent a very pleasant few hours in the company of people who truely try to live out their faith. And it was a privilage to spend some time with them.

Is it the church I should belong to - who knows? The urge to belong to a church is growing more and more inside me. Every time I feel like I’m getting nearer to finding where I’m being led to, I feel I’ve taken 2 steps backwards at the same time because something will always come up that just doesnt seem right to me somehow. Lots more reading, studying and praying to be done.

Mostly what I come across here is a lot of histrionics against Luther and Lutherans.

Todays experience left me wishing more people in general could be like the Lutherans I met today.

The analysis posts always intrigue me as well…:rolleyes:

I agree that the Lutherans here are a credit to their church and the Lord they serve. I visited a Lutheran church on several occasions during my own time of searching and uncertainty and I’d be most interested to learn your impressions. I daresay most people who’ve read and followed your posts sense your authenticity and would also like to read your comments. Pray tell.:slight_smile:


That’s a very good report. Are you going to go back next Sunday?


Analysis of the analysis. :thumbsup:

I have found the discussions here influence my faith as well. One particular member, Isa Almistry, an orthodox christian, was very articulate in discussing early church history and papism. He got banned for some reason. Too bad. It is this forum’s loss. But I digress.

I hope you enjoy the service.

Papism? Can you elaborate?

Papism is the idea that the church is to be ruled by pope.

I truly appreciate the kind words you have said here about Lutherans. I hope that my participation here has, at least at times, lived up to them. I also pray the Lord blesses you in your exploration of Lutheranism, and that you ultimately find where the Holy Spirit wants you, whether in the Lutheran Church or elsewhere.

It should be understood that there are members of a number of communions - Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Methodist, and others - on this forum that represent their respective traditions well, with kindness and charity, thoughtfulness and intellegence. They, too, are known by their fruits.


OTOH, Lutherans do maintain that our orders are indeed valid, at the same time recognizing Catholic and Orthodox ministries as valid, as well.
BTW, some Lutherans do have apostolic succession.


… and some that glitter only look like gold.

Do an acid test while you’re at it.:slight_smile:

Your posts and your conduct here, along with that of your fellow Lutherans is one of the main reasons I started to investigate the Lutheran church further. What was fascinating was I then met a whole church full of people like you :smiley:

In a word - Yes :smiley:

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