Byzantine Father in a Latin Parish

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Have you ever run across a mixed marriage where a Byzantine Father was attending a latin community with his family because there was no Byzantine parish around and he asked to have his children communed? Are most parish priests accommodating?

The better educated ones are. Sometimes, it leads to educational homiletics prior to the introit of the mass…

I’ve had priests ask if my then 5 year old was to commune. She’s never been refused by a priest. (She was by a bishop. But she didn’t complain; it was at a state funeral presided over by two archbishops… )

Mind you, I have seen some refused, but it wasn’t my child. Then again, ushers tend to warn the priest “there’s an Orthodox guy in the front pew,” so I tend to meet the celebrant before mass and explain.

I’m told one of the villages has a tube for communing Orthodox children; the neighboring village is Orthodox, and they share the same hunt-path and fish-camp.

I once received an email from a RC priest of my acquaintance asking where to find the rules for communing the Orthodox, sent when he got to his new parish and realized the town is mostly Orthodox… (He’s no canonista. And the archdioceses’ JCD was unavailable.) I sent him links to the online CIC chapters relevant, and to the online USCCB rubrics. He was relieved to find the rule about the spoon in the rubrics for the Missal.

This was our situation. My husband is Ruthenian and there is no Byzantine parish of any type within 3 hours. Both of our daughters were chrismated in his home parish, 1500 miles from where we lived, but received First Holy Eucharist in our RC parish with their Catholic school classes as we were only rarely able to get back to his parish.

As a child, I attended Catholic school (Roman). The priest had no problem with me receiving Communion in 1st and 2nd grade, before my classmates had received. The nuns weren’t thrilled with the situation, though. :tsktsk: This was in the 1970s.

We occasionally attend a Latin rite Mass for one reason or another. If we aren’t known, we always approach the priest ahead of time before our children present themselves for Communion. I have only had one priest balk at giving them Communion. Since he clearly was uncomfortable and it would not be a regular thing, I didn’t push the matter. I usually don’t ask until they are old enough to ask for Communion themselves, but I had one priest just automatically give it to the baby. :slight_smile: I was impressed. Currently, my 4 year old and 6 year old receive if we attend Mass. Lately, I’ve been going to daily Mass with my 2 year old He’s gotten quite indignant at being denied Communion.

I’d say it is best, if possible, to speak to the presiding priest beforehand to alert him. :thumbsup: I don’t have any children but priests and regulars at the Latin parish that I attend (besides the Melkite one) know that I am Eastern Catholic (the “backwards” Sign of the Cross is always a conversation starter ;)). :slight_smile:

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