Byzantine in most recent Bluebloods?

kind of spoilerish, and the very end of the episode.

At the family dinner at the end, watch as the “new” cousin crosses himself–it’s right to left, rather than the “backwards” left to right of the RC. The rest cross in RC fashion.

“Hmm”, or simply sloppy acting?

Maybe both? I don’t know, I don’t watch a lot of TV

Maybe bad acting, or the actor might be Byzantine not the character.

I remember years ago on Moonlighting, Bruce Willis’ character crossed himself with the left hand.

I haven’t watched for a bit? Who is the new cousin?

Wow–that was cool! Maybe he is an Eastern Catholic–that would be great! It would be nice if they developed that :slight_smile:

Right now, my money is on sloppy acting.


I don’t know about this. But since you bring up Blue Bloods, the Commissioner’s house is in real life the residence of Bishop Gregory of the Maronite Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn. (The exterior shots, the interior is a set).


The freshly discovered adult son of the dead son. One of the boys (the one still on the cast) does a DNA thing for a class and discovers he has a cousin.

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I could see according to the blurred spoiler synopsis there is a possibility it could be part of the character and not a mistake. But it could just be bad acting.

Excuse my abysmal ignorance but what is Bluebloods (besides being a fancy term for nobility)?

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A tv show with Tom Selleck. He and his sons are in NYPD.

Oh boy. I remember him on Magnum P.I..

My family calls it the most Catholic television show of all time.

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It’s up there, but there are a couple of others, too.

The interesting thing is that Tom Selleck isn’t actually Catholic, although his two most memorable roles (the other being Magnum) were quite Catholic.

He as commented that he does have a deep respect for the Catholic Fatih.

I think the Magnum remake runs the same night . . . but girl-Higgins is hard to get over. She should have been another character, not Higgins.

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