Byzantine liturgical day, servile work & fasting


I’m Ukrainian Greek Catholic. Our liturgical day goes from Vespers to Ninth Hour the next day (c.f. the account of Creation in Genesis) vs midnight to midnight in the Latin Church.

My problem is determining when I should cease servile work and rest on the Holy Days. I usually work until 6 pm (sometimes even later) and do household chores on arriving home. My job isn’t a problem; it’s doing chores around the house that unnerves me.

The same applies to the obligation of fast & abstinence. Do I go from midnight to midnight or go by the liturgical day?

I’d really appreciate if the priests & deacons would weigh in on this. Thank you in advance!


Off the top of my head, I’d say washing & mending clothes, vacuuming, cleaning the rain gutters and raking the leaves


You may be right but one is still obliged to rest on Sundays & Holy Days.


Household chores, studying, etc. aren’t usually considered servile work to be avoided on Sundays/Holy Days. That’s just essential stuff to get done. Servile work is usually defined as unnecessary work, particularly for financial gain, that comes at the expense of worship or time with family or due to a willful disregard for the nature of the day.


That helps a bit. Thank you.


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