Byzantine Marriage Rite


Can someone point me towards the text for the Byzantine marriage rite? I found one PDF of the marriage rite during Divine Liturgy, but I can’t find it without.



Thanks! Do you know if there are any notable differences between the Orthodox service and the Catholic one?


Byzantine Catholic (2012) PDF


Some Ruthenians insert vows, though this is not traditional. Other Byzantine Catholics (Melkites, etc.) do not use vows.

Other than that, the only difference is you would likely see would be in the translation.


The only difference that there should be between parallel EC and EO services is that the EC commemorates bishop, metropolitan, and pope, while the EO commemorates only bishop (who commemorates metropolitan when he serves, who in turn commemorates patriarch, who in turn commemorates all the patriarchs with whom he is in communion).

You could make an argument that the EC would follow the EO practice even in this, but I’ve never heard of it being made.

Also ,this is the EC position; the churches where the EO are the “breakaway” rather than the EC (e.g., Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Melkite, etc.) it may not be applicable (I’ve never had a reason to ask).



Also, the link I gave you is just the Crowning itself.

Vico gave you the link to the entire service, including Betrothal, Crowning, and Divine Liturgy.

This is the link to the Betrothal service. These days, it is usually done immediately before the Crowning in both Catholic and Orthodox Churches, but it can be done sometime before.


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