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I am attending, and hopefully participating as much as I can, a Catholic Byzantine Mass on Saturday at 5 p.m. I will then attend–and of course participate–in my own Roman Catholic Mass Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Can I receive Holy Communion at the Byzantine rite? Can I receive Holy Communion at both? Thank you.

Yes and yes. And remember that the Byzantine DL is fully Catholic and fulfills your Mass obligation. You do not have to attend Mass twice unless you choose to.

If you are indeed attending a Eastern Catholic Byzantine rite Divine Liturgy (Divine Liturgy would be the term that Eastern Catholics use), then you are still at a Catholic service. Not only are you welcome to receive Communion, but it satisfies your Mass requirement for the week as well. This would NOT, however, be true of an Orthodox Byzantine rite Divine Liturgy. While they DO have a valid Eucharist and you would be free to receive it if they offered it to you (which is highly unlikely) and if there were NO possibility of finding a Catholic Church (such as in parts of Russia), it would NOT satisfy your Mass requirement.

A Catholic may receive the Eucharist up to twice per day (with the exception of those near death who may receive Viaticum as well), so you are free to participate in Latin rite Mass as well, but it is NOT necessary.

You could receive Holy Communion at the Byzantine Divine Liturgy if either (a) you have not received Holy Communion on that Saturday or (b) you have received Holy Communion once already on the Saturday. If you have already received Holy Communion twice on the Saturday then no you could not receive Holy Communion a third time on the Saturday.

The same applies to the Sunday. If it was your first or second time of receiving Holy Communion on the Sunday that would be fine. If it would be the third time then you would not be OK to receive.

Normally, we should receive Holy Communion no more than once per day. We are permitted to receive it twice a day. The first time we receive Holy Communion it can be during a celebration of Mass or it may be received outside of Mass. If we receive it a second time on the same day it must be during Mass.

If we have received Holy Communion twice on the same day we can receive it a third time but only as Viaticum if we are in imminent danger of death.

Three times is the absolute maximum number of times we can receive Holy Communion is any one day.

For the purposes of these rules I believe ‘day’ refers to a calendar day and not a liturgical one.

Wow, thank you all for such a quick answer to my inquiry. I realize that I wouldn’t “have” to attend Mass on the Sunday, but I chose to. I love our priests, our Mass, our church, and the other communicants and would feel empty all day if I didn’t attend. I would really miss it. Again, thanks, and bless you all.

One more word of advice, its called Divine Liturgy for the Byzantines, not Mass :wink:

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