Byzantine Prayer Before Holy Communion

Oh I see what you’re saying…correct, we do not say that during the DL. However, during our Diaconal Typicas we do say this prayer before receiving Communion.

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Sorry, I should’ve clarified - in all the Orthodox churches I’ve gone to (OCA, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Carpatho-Russian), the laity also say the prayer after the Priest brings the chalice out of the altar. Of course, he has already said it inside the altar per the rubrics as well.

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We always confess during prayer (the hours). I am usually the one reciting them and I try to do it loud enough to make sure everyone can confess privately. When I confess my self, and the person reciting is too quiet, I usually tell him or her to do it louder because I feel embarrassed having my whole community listening to me talking about my failings. People get that. :blush:

A side note: I always feel amused when the Priest interrupts the confession to give one his responses to the reader (usually after the Our Father). :blush:


I was once and it was beautiful experience. I love incense smell and there was alot!
I was especially touched with language, simmilar to my native but still different. Prayer can touch me deeper in other language.



I wonder what the Ordo Celebrationis has, since the Ruthenian and Ukrainian have the same recension based upon that at the time of the Council of Florence. There is a different recension for the Russian.

General reply:

This has been a really interesting discussion. As my info is limited on what I actually attended, all I can say is the priests were Augustinian Canons and the people did recite the prayer.

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General reply #2:

If you are hellbent on figuring this out, here it is, video in its entirety:
Multicultural Byzantine Mass for the “Dormition of Our Lady,” St. Patrick Church, Glen Cove, New York.

Do you all also often sing this before communing as well? Of Thy Mystical Supper

Is this in an Orthodox monastery?

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No it is a parish community. We did it the same way in my former parish, and also at a monastery where I used to confess.

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That’s sung on Great and Holy Thursday.

General reply #3:

Please let me repeat that I posted the video of this Mass in its entirety above. Don’t be put off by the term “multicultural.” It was said part in Spanish for the local Latino community in attendance. It was quite beautifully done. I have found out more about these two connected parishes and their priests. They are dedicated to Saint Leopold. They are Augustinian Canons with a connection to Austria. I can say they are wonderful, very devout priests and give amazing homilies. They say the Tridentine every week as well. This comprises two parishes in Glen Cove, Long Island, NY. (Link gives interesting info on the history of their order.)

I think they do the Byzantine Mass once a year (or so) for the “Dormition of Our Lady.”

Are they bi-ritual then since they offer the TLM?

yes they are

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