C. S. Lewis

How do you all feel about C. S. Lewis’ writings?

I really like him. His book a grief observed helped me when my parents passed away.

I really love his books. I don’t know of anything he said about Catholicism.

He did, particularly in private letters. He was not inclined to follow it, but was not hostile to it.

Been collecting him for about 50 years. As long as Chesterton and Belloc, for that matter.

Lewis was brilliant, and many of his essays are more relevant today than ever. “Religion and Science,” “Religion without Dogma?” and “Priestesses in the Church?” come to mind. Lewis had such a gift with communicating deep ideas in words the average reader can understand.

Unlike many of my Catholic brethren, however, I do not generally recommend Mere Christianity. Admittedly it contains some excellent material, but the very premise of a “mere” or common Christianity that is the lowest common denominator of several or all denominations is fatally flawed, misleading, and logically leads to indifferentism (though Lewis himself disavows at least extreme indifferentism in the same preface).

His writings helped me so much. I come from a really small town and we were taught not to ask questions about God. It was a sin to have doubts so it wasn’t till I read his writings that finally got some answers. I not sure if catholics have the same issues. I was raised in a town with many different denominations of Christianity and they like to fight each other, lol.

I have some of his books, but haven’t read them yet. I also want to read G. K. Chesterton at some point.

I would suggest you start with Lewis, then read Chesterton. Lewis is pretty straight forward in his writings and Chesterton plays with language and this can be frustrating at first.

If you have ever read Fulton Sheen and enjoy his writings, you will have a better initial impression of Chesterton most likely. Chesterton actually wrote the forward for Sheen’s first book.

Both writers took me from a struggle with agnosticism to a peaceful conclusion of the legitimacy of belief in God.

Looking up Chesterton quotes would be a great place to start with Chesterton!

And Sheen had a sort of affinity for some of Chesterton’s phraseology.

Thanks for the advice.

I really enjoyed The Screwtape Letters - I think of it often when I pray.

Lewis wrote greatly enjoyable fiction and very clear, lucid and helpful explanations of Christian theology from an educated layman’s point of view. I’m thankful to have read his works.

Have read Mere Christianity myself years ago. I thought I was the only Catholic to not like it that much, looks like that makes two of us. Personally, lukewarmness doesn’t sit well with me.

Who is Belloc?

An interesting writer friend of Chesterton’s. And, like Lewis and Chesterton, and a few others, a writer I’ve collected for many years.

I wouldn’t consider Mere Christianity a “lukewarm” book, nor would I consider Lewis a “lukewarm” Christian. The book was written for those who had doubts about the foundations of the faith, or had misconceptions of it.

Plunging non-believers into theological depths from the outset is not a very good plan.That was the motivation of the radio broadcasts that make up the book. and it was brilliantly done at a time when England was at war and in need serious spiritual guidance; it still is today. Lewis was a light during a dark time for many; he still is today.

C.S. Lewis, was the person that strengthened my faith during my years of College when I had major doubts. If it weren’t for his writings., I don’t know where I’d be today.

Well, I will have to check him out.

If you mean Belloc, be aware that, like Chesterton, he was strongly RC, and rather more blunt, in expressing that.

Still, for me, an interesting character.

Lewis is perhaps my favorite writer, and I’ve been reading him since I was a child. I like some of his other writings better, but The Great Divorce was a fascinating read.

What was The Great Divorce about?

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