Were C-Section child birthing techniques ever shunned by the church?


I don’t think so…surely not!


Cool. I just figured that some people would see it as a perversion of the natural way to give birth. But sometimes it’s not medically possible to give birth naturally because of complications, such as when a baby is tangled up in the cord.


You mean all c-sections or elective ones like they tend to have in Brazil nowdays?



I’ll check my copy of the catechism.


I certainly hope not. I had to have one because my baby was too large for me me to deliver naturally (although I wanted too). In cases like this, it saves both the baby and the mother. I don’t see why the church would have a problem with that.


My mom had all 4 of us kids by c-section. (I was small, but had a big head):rotfl:


The post about c-sections in Brazil made me think. The motivations are critical here. Vaginal birth is best for the baby unless there is a complication. If one elects to have a c-section for convenience or vanity, I don’t think that would be condoned. It’s all in the motivation. All procedures and medicines, etc. need to be done with the right motivation.


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