C-SPAN: Constitution Party Nominee Darrell Castle


Constitution Party and Third-Party Presidential Bids Constitution Party 2016 presidential candidate Darrell Castle talked by video from Memphis, Tennessee, about his bid for the presidency, as well as the role of third-party candidates in the 2016 election.


7:30 mark - He discusses his stances on social issues.

14:00 mark - He discusses the differences between the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party.

Constitution Party Platform:



How far-right is he?


He will be heavily promoted by Hillary supporters towards pro-life people who demand perfection in their candidates.


From a social issues standpoint, his position is that the constitution guarantees the rights of unborn persons. As far as same-sex marriage is concerned his position is that the government should not be in the marriage business. It’s a very in depth interview and he does a good job explaining his positions.

The Constitution Party differs from the Libertarian Party in two distinct ways (from Mr. Castle’s explanation). The Libertarian Party is pro-abortion whereas the Constitution Party is pro-life. The Libertarian Party favors open borders while the Constitution Party favors a more controlled border.

As far as taxes are concerned, they favor state collection of taxes rather than the federal government controlling the tax money flow. He said with the way things are set up now, the federal government has too much control on which states get funding and which ones do not.

The Constitution Party favors limited federal government as stated in the US Constitution.


I’ve never considered a third-party candidate before (this will be my seventh presidential election). However, if my choices are Trump vs. Clinton, I may vote my conscience by voting for an option that won’t promote evil. Trump and Clinton both promote evil and I am undecided which one is worse. I’ve been a lifetime Republican voter. Trump is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He isn’t a social conservative nor is he a fiscal conservative. Clinton also is a social and fiscal liberal. Sanders is left of Clinton. Cruz isn’t perfect but would be acceptable to me. I’m leaning towards Castle if Trump wins the Republican nomination.


His policies are okay. I just don’t want him to be too authoritarian.


He was questioned regarding his position on executive orders. He said that the President does not have the authority to issue them without Congress. The sense I got was that executive orders should be limited to what is allowed by Congress. To me, that is less authoritarian than the past several Presidents both Democrat and Republican.


We all know a third party candidate has no chance. They at least need to prove themselves in Congress and as governors before they can expect to have the slightest chance of winning a presidential race.

That being said, I’ll take a look at him. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a Donald-Hillary election (or Hillary-Hillary, the way I see it), and I don’t want either of them. I should vote for someone who shares my values even if they don’t have a shot.


I could have written this verbatim. This will be my 7th election, I have never considered voting 3rd party before, even though I have never been thrilled with the republican nominee. I would vote for Cruz, even though he was probably my 6th or 7th pick out of the beginning field. I will never vote for Clinton and I really don’t think I can vote for Trump. There isn’t much difference between the two IMO. The only difference is we know for a fact where Clinton stands on the issues.


You are similar to me. Although the difference is that Cruz was my third option after Walker and Rubio.


Castle seems like a nice candidate for this party, I could see him getting a decent amount of votes, maybe fifth place in the general election.


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