C-SPAN Reports Threats Against CNN Anchors to FBI



Brian Stelter has a one year old daughter.

She’s a cute little baby, hope her father is safe.


Steve Scalize and security were already shot and never had any warnings when they went to play baseball one morning.
He almost lost his life.
I hope you were as concerned about him.


Yes I know. And yes I was and am concerned about Steve. But this was not about Steve. It is about the “Enemy of the people” being threatened harm.


I’ve increasingly noticed something in the particularly leftist news. They are very authoritative and quick in saying leftists did not do something they are accused of. Here in just the fourth paragraph they make sure to accurately report a lie. And they make this one sentence it’s own paragraph.

The caller, “Don,” falsely asserted that Stelter and Lemon called all Trump supporters “racist.”

Had this been about Trump or others in the right they’d not bother making sure the truth was known.

If you read leftists media make it a point to look for this. It is one of the subtle ways they manipulate people’s thoughts.


Ha! Anybody who admits to supporting Trump is treated as an “enemy of the people” by the anti-Trumpers. “Enemy of the people” is not so far from “deplorables” or “bitter clingers” or “backward” or “medieval” applied to Catholics.

But at least Trump is applying it to giant organizations, not individuals like Clinton, Podesta and Obama have.


Nope. Trump supporters are part “of the people”. Do I think they are wrong…you betcha. The only one who seems to be throwing out the “enemy of the people” is Trump.


The only thing I can do here is shake my head shake the sand off from my sandals and move on…


True, because you certainly can’t deny the obvious reality that the media does have a different way of reporting based on who the subject is.


No not really. When I see the word “leftist” - just not worth my time…and I move on…Not going down that road…


There aren’t leftists? So then there isn’t an alt-right either?


Alt right is the name they gave themselves.


It’s actually a name given by a very small number of people to themselves; people who cannot truly be described as Republicans or, for that matter, conservatives.


Yes, but if there is no left then there can be no right, even if someone self identifies as such.


They’re basically white progressives who’ve embraced identity politics. They may as well call themselves WLM.


If you want to call me left or right from center on how I view things or believe. That is ok. Leftist - not so much…


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