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Musil, now 45, had her first abortion at 19 because she was too frightened to admit her pregnancy to anyone — including her then live-in boyfriend, the Assist News Service reported.

But terminating the pregnancy caused her so much pain that she tried to cover it with “drugs, alcohol, partying and a promiscuous lifestyle,” she told radio host Rich Buhler in an interview with KBRT AM-740.

That lifestyle led to her second pregnancy — and subsequent abortion — just before she was due to serve a jail sentence for a drunken driving conviction, ANS reported.

“The world tells me that it was only a blob of tissue, but my heart tells me otherwise,” Musil told by e-mail. "The grief often times was more than I could bear."

To try to cope with that pain, Lisa Musil turned her efforts to honoring those who have gone through abortions.

Nice story. I wonder why the Knights of Columbus who have set up the granite “Memorial for the Unborn” don’t allow names to be engraved or do they?

How many times do we tell others that this pain covers itself in drugs, alcohol, partying and a promiscuous lifestyle and they say no.

Sometimes they say just the opposite, that giving birth to a child caused this lifestyle because they were too young to be a mom.

a little bit more to the story can be found here

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