CA to help with Motu Proprio implementation?

My father called me and told me he received a letter in the mail the other day from Catholic Answers…it talked about an effort they are undertaking to send an “Extraordinary Form” info packet to parishes around the country…it asked for support and donations if possible to cover costs.

I just found it strange that I haven’t heard anything about this yet here in the forums. Has anyone else heard of this or recived the same mailing? I haven’t been able to look at it myself yet.



Mailings and e-mails are going out over the next week. I think they will be posting a notice on CAF shortly (Thursday).

Thanks for the info - I just wanted to be sure it was you guys, and not someone pretending to be you guys.


The letter has just been posted on CAF here:

Pope Benedict’s Controversial Decision About the Mass and How It Affects You


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