CAF gun owners/enthusiasts thread

I know there’s a few of us on here. Anybody else started stocking up on stuff on the off chance Biden manages to get bat stuff crazy gun control plan of his enacted?

Not me. Republicans spent 8 years telling me that Obama was going to take away all all our guns.

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Have you read Biden’s plan?

Of course. Even if it all gets passed, my weapons are safe. As are those of anyone who will comply with some basic, common sense requirements.

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At the end of 8 years of Obama, we all still had our firearms. At the end of Biden’s time we will have the same.

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I have an FFL, and an SOT, so I’m not worried about my personal collection.

But if he somehow gets his plan through congress and it becomes law, there will be a lot felons created over night.

The only reason I haven’t purchased a firearm is because it’d end up being an expensive paperweight. I’m not allowed to carry at work so most of my day wouldn’t benefit from it.

Currently, I’m hoarding tobacco. Biden will never get my stash :blush:


I have not. Can you give a synopsis?I have family members that own guns. They don’t seem worried yet.

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No reason to be.

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My prediction is that Joe Biden is not going to get through 1/10 of the plans he claims he has. I reckon his focus will be on health care since that was a main focus of his campaign. Other than that I don’t expect him to do much exciting at all except walk around smiling and being Not Trump.

Also, with a solidly conservative majority on the Supreme Court, I doubt your guns are going anywhere.

Just my 2 cents.


If that gets passed there’s every reason to be worried. Charging $200 in tax for every “assault weapon” owner to be registered or sell them to the government is ridiculous.

Basically he wants to treat ar15 rifles and similarly functioning ones the same way we treat actual machine guns, suppressors, and short barreled rifles. The alternative is for people to sell the guns to the government for probably pennies on the dollar. It’s ridiculous.

Now, I don’t think this bill actually stands a chance at passing, but it’s highly indicative of what their wishlist is. Which is to reduce the number of legal gun owners in the country.

ETA: he also wants to ban online ammunition sales. Which is where you can buy for the best price. This won’t really hurt me as a dealer because I’ll still be able to order from distributors and I’ll probably make a higher profit margin. But it sucks for the average gun enthusiast.

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I agree. A lot of that stuff is going to fall into the “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” bucket.



I think Joe Biden is going to croak before his first year in office is over. That’s not because I wish ill will on him, it’s because I don’t think he’s in great health.

Well, I’d talk here, but people decided to make it partisan, so, I’m not going to be part of the conversation anymore than I already am. Being a Conservative does not mean I am a Republican, though, that is how I tend to vote. I’m not registered with any political party, because my state doesn’t require it. With regards to guns, I like them, I have one in the house, and in spite of what the USCCB has spent the past forty years telling you, the Church has no actual teaching on gun control (I know, I checked). So, I am a bit of a gun enthusiast in the sense of support for gun rights, but, again, since people are making this a partisan thing, I don’t want to be part of the conversation.
Peace, y’all.

“President” Biden can pry my AR-15 from my cold, dead hands.

I don’t think he’ll “croak” as such, but I think he’ll be declared incapacitated. In fact, I hope for his sake that he is declared incapacitated. It is clearly not fair to expect a man in his condition to try to serve as president.

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I love internet bravado in the morning.


The thing is, this would effect so many people that the vast majority would probably never even know what they’re supposed to do. I think you’d see mass noncompliance just from ignorance of the new law.

On the other hand, a lot of gun owners seem proud of their knowledge of their rights and obligations. You can’t claim ignorance when it suits the argument at hand.

Men have no duty to obey an unjust law anyway. I would absolutely encourage people to resist registering anything on the NFA.

Its a moot point anyway as this plan doesn’t have a chance of becoming law.

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