CAF Lent Primers:One on Mormonism?


I got a notification in email for the “20 Answers Series Sampler” series of booklets that CAF is encouraging Catholics to read thru the Lenten series.

One of then is on Mormonism. The only other of the 20 that is specific to a religion is on Islam.

I can’t help but wonder if they decided on the topics for these booklets based on the activity on CAF.


A series of booklets based on the popularity of topics on the forum would be… interesting to say the least :scream:. I seriously doubt that’s the case. I purchased (or received as a result of a donation). They are nice quick reads and enjoyed by those I have shared them with.


Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:


There was also one about Jehovah’s witnesses.


Thanks. I missed that one :slight_smile:


Are the “20 Answers” materials available to read for free anywhere, or do you have to pay money to get them?

I’m interested in what the folks who run this website have to say about my faith, in these materials they are selling for money.


Go to Catholic Answers and search. You can read any number of articles, for free. As for the books or booklets, you would have to purchase them.


Go to Catholic Answers and search. You can read any number of articles, for free.

So, I did that, and searched for “20 answers” and the search produced no results.

Again, I’m not looking for what folk here think about Mormonism. I’m wondering what this forty-six dollar package, being sold by the folks running this website, are saying about my faith.


Looking around the CAF store, I see they’re also selling a “non-catholics groups pack” for ten bucks.


I don’t think you can buy them individually. Probably the non-Catholic group pack is the least expensive bundle is going to be my guess



What can I say. Buy them, or call and ask for a free copy. Also, instead of searching for “20 Answers”, search based on the particular belief.


They can be ordered individually in bulk at great discount prices, according to the small print.

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