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Has anyone else here just given up on the World News forum? I find it to be so disheartening the way folks address each other there - from both sides of the political spectrum. There are a few posters - again, from both sides of the political spectrum - who must spend their whole day spewing venom at each other. I’m beginning to wonder if some of them aren’t actually professional trolls.

In the past it has been suggested that the World News forum be discontinued. At the time I thought that was a terrible idea. Stifling “Free Speech” and all that. But lately, I’d be in favor of tossing the World News forum on the trash heap. I know…it’s a simple matter to just not look at it, but it’s kind of like biting down on a toothache - you know it’s going to hurt, but you just can’t help yourself.


I’m tired of all the Kavenaugh threads. I don’t see how they constitute world news when world news to me, anyway, affects the entire world not a tiny part of it.

Since many of the threads in the “World News” forum turn political, perhaps it would be better to call it the “Political Discussions” forum.


That sub forum is blocked on my feed of new topics…Does that tell you how I Feel? Haven’t had it on in a long time. As long as it stays over there and doesn’t spill into other Sub forums, they can spew whatever at each other all day long. I don’t understand the need for it either. There is no Catholic discussion going on over there…


Calling them “political discussions” is a very charitable way to describe what goes on there.


I don’t mind going in as long as the thread topic isn’t something to do with American politics. If it is I try to stay as far away as possible.

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Maybe we should have a new forum just for “current events”, or something. However, I will admit I’ve been participating in the Kavanaugh “world news” and, while advisarial at times, I enjoy reading others’ views on issues. There is one poster in particular whose reasonings I rarely agree with, but reading them helps me to reconsider my position(s). Sometimes it solidifies them, other times I may modify my understanding or approach. I do try to reply in a civil manner though, even if I have to occasionally remind myself this is a Catholic forum.

Yes. It’s actually more akin to Romper Room. :confounded:


It kind of reminds me at times of that old SNL skit with Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin. She states her view, and he would respond “Jane, you ignorant s…”


I think it was a good idea that world news subforum threads do not show up in the all-categories latest thread page, the first page most of us see when we log on. I notice that to circumvent this policy and perhaps to get more eyes on their thread, some posters start political topic threads in the subforums that do show up on the main page, such as social justice or catholic living. I’m glad when these threads are either closed or moved to world news, where they belong.

I also rarely participate in the world news forum, but I do briefly browse through it most days. I can’t stomach too much of the bickering.

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I mostly wander over for the snorts and giggles, but im funny like that.

I guess I like a train wreck as much as the next guy, but I’m disgusted with World News. Not by the way the posters treat each other, but more recently by the lack of charity shown by some posters towards women who have claims of sexual abuse. As a Catholic, that’s well beyond where I care to go.

I think it’s best to leave World News alone, and not give it any more breath.

Still, it’s interesting to see what the partisan’s are up to.


Hasn’t Father given you a half hour stint on World News Forum as a confessional penance? I only get that if I’ve been particularly naughty.

Also good for shaving off Purgatory time.


I have a suspicion Father doesn’t consider time spent on Catholic forums spiritually fruitful.


Entering World News is the single quickest way to earn a Suspension. At the very least everyone will be flagged and have some posts removed.


I think it’s pleasant–yes, pleasant!–to have a chance to discuss the World News (mainly U.S. news because of the large numbers of Americans on CAF) with fellow Christians.

It’s impossible to discuss any news at work, because these discussions are discouraged because they almost always create a hostile work environment and make people feel resentment towards their co-workers. This is not conducive to a productive work environment.

It’'s difficult to discuss any news with church people because church is not a place where people want conflict of any kind, but especially political. There is a division in the Catholic Church between political liberals and the political conservatives, and any discussion quickly turns into a shouting match–definitely not appropriate for a church.

It’s really impossible to discuss any news in social settings, especially before or after various arts events (e.g., concert)–that’s not why people attend these events.

Or with neighbors–the last thing we need is a neighborhood feud!

It’s possible to discuss news with family, but our family is scattered, and the times we get together are mainly holidays and funerals.

At least on CAF, we can talk and get all kinds of opinions from a wide spectrum of people, most of whom are committed Christians. I don’t agree with at least half the regulars in the World Forum, and I’m sure they don’t agree with me, either! But having a chance to hear their point of view helps me to examine my own opinions more carefully and evaluate whether I’m off by a mile, or in the ballpark.

Many of the CAF people post links to various articles from publications that I don’t regularly read, and this enhances my understanding of many of the news events. I like this.

Like I said, I enjoy discussing controversial topics with Christians, and CAF World New section gives me the opportunity to do this. It’s simply isn’t possible these days in the world outside of the CAF!


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