Cafeteria Catholics

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Catholics that don’t take their faith seriously. They pick and choose what doctrines to believe, and then subscribe to heretical beliefs. These people being in the “Pro-choice” and Gay “Marriage” crowd, in addition to the beliefs that it doesn’t matter what church you go to, it’s okay to skip mass, etc, etc… These kinds of beliefs are held by politicians, the average Joe, and (From what I’ve heard.) A few priests who are still allowed to reside over congregations!

Why don’t we just excommunicate the lot of them; a sort of cleansing of the church? It’s almost like an infection, and a lot of Catholics don’t even deserve the name anymore!

I think this is like the story of the cockles and the wheat… Christ said wait until the wheat is ready, and *then *separate the weeds out.

(BTW, this does *not *work with corn… )

There will be problems with extremes at either end of the spectrum when it comes to this subject. Do nothing and you let the wolves devour the sheep. Do too much and you create worse problems of scandal and fear and perhaps the mistaken persecution of the innocent. Ultimately it is primarily up to the bishops to determine a prudent middle course. I think most of us would agree that there have been periods of history in which too much or not enough was done to reprimand material heretics or notorious wrongdoers.

When it comes to our own time judgement becomes more dangerous because it can be an ignorant and presumptuous passing of judgement on the successors of the apostles to whom we ourselves own obedience. Also it can cause worse scandal. We perceive this most when we see the scandal caused by the other side of the divide, such as, for those of us who would be relieved to see a more vigorous fighting of error, the scandal we perceive when people go to the press and say the Pope is being overbearing in his reprimanding of this or that Catholic group. But scandal can be generated just as easily by those who loudly proclaim that this bishop or that Pope has not done enough to address some issue.

Read the parables of the lost sheep, the woman who finds the coin, and the prodigal son…then answer your question yourself.

And the parable of the Net

I agree 100%… we must eliminate all people that do not agree with us… LOL:confused:

Excellent, but the Lord also says I will cut down the fig tree because it professes to produce fruit, but it produces nothing, so I will cut it down. Woe to the Cafeteria Catholics.

And which verse says that Lord has delegated this authority to you?

“Judge not lest ye be judged”.

What exactly labels you a “cafeteria Catholic,” when we ALL sin? No one is perfect all the time, that’s why there is Confession. I guess we all pick and choose, huh?

Do you not read your Bible obviously you do not, AS you are telling me not to Judge, who is the hypocrite now judging me, My argument stands the Lord was quite specific about the Fig Tree, if you profess to be a Catholic, cause scandal , in public , private, and do things against the teachings of the Church and don’t repent not only could you be cut down like the Fig tree but one has also excommunicated yourself also.

See your Catechism.

Some things are not for picking and choosing , that is what is called a Cafeteria Catholic,
one might deny doctrines of Faith, one might not go to Sunday Mass, but might attend various Catholic meetings, might agree with abortion, contraception, porn, sex outside of marriage, etc, etc, never go to Confession either, but when asked they say Catholic and even more rude a Cafeteria Catholic which has been said to me, I told them what I thought of the Cafeteria.

Just some things? We aren’t supposed to sin, at all. Period. Not one of us on this forum is perfect or sinless.

Wouldn’t it be better to try to bring these misguided Catholics back to the proper teaching of the Catholic Church? But if it comes down to the cutting of any Fig Trees I believe it will be the Lord who does the cutting. At least that is my opinion for what it is worth.

As a former fig tree, thank you for this. If I had been excommunicated before realizing just what the Church is, I would probably still not know, and probably would have left the Church altogether. It’s only through the grace of God I finally understood. Had I left, my daughter (passionately Catholic) would likely have gone wherever I went…and had she left, her formerly agnostic friend would not have been received into the Church in 2011, and her formerly atheist and anti-Catholic friend would not be starting RCIA this year.

While it is important to correct the public figures who are Cafeteria Catholics, and important to stay strong on things like the nuns on the bus, that has to do with how public they are and how they can lead others wrongly. I think the average Cafeteria Catholic should be prayed for and, if you can, reasoned with. Let God do the cutting and separating.

You take me up wrong, when I say some things, I mean you don’t have to believe in Lourdes, Fatima, the Shroud of Turin that is what I MEANT about some things, to sin is human, to forgive is Divine, hence Confession.

Well of course its going to be God that does the cutting its hardly going to be you and me is it.

Yes, to sin is human and to forgive is Divine. It isn’t your or my place to “tell them what I thought of the Cafeteria.” That doesn’t sound very charitable and won’t help with anyone’s faith journey, either.

Let’s hope not, but note that this thread seems to be a call to excommunicate all cafeteria Catholics. It seems to be a call for us to do the cutting.

This is my final say.

They want the Church to conform to the current culture, is this what you mean. ?

Nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the LACK OF COURAGE on the part of the good.

That is my final say to any Catholics who cannot stand up for there faith, either because they dont know there faith, or cannot be bothered, and have this false humility when someone says something in Public about the Catholic Church is wrong because it believes in marriage for one man and one woman or abortion is right , It is not judging as the person as come out with these Statements in Public themselves and might also say I believe this because I am a Cafeteria Catholic it is pure spineless not to tell this person ok in a nice voice but it has to said this Is NOT Church teaching and point out the correct teaching if he does not want to go with it, that is between him and God, and most certainly needs prayers, if you think he is going to go to Heaven with that attitude - get real and smell the Coffee, don’t insult God, he is a God of Justice. Of course we can all repent if we think its right to cut children up into bits while in the womb.

I just seems like you aren’t very nice about it. You should tell people WITH LOVE. It doesn’t seem like that is the way you go about it. I didn’t say anyone was going to Heaven or Hell. It isn’t my place to guess or to decide. I don’t know what is in those people’s hearts and neither do you. Maybe you should wake up and smell the coffee and realize that there have to be 3 NESSECARY things to make it a mortal sin. If all 3 aren’t there, then that particular person isn’t in a state of mortal sin. You may know very well that it is mortal sin and it is perfectly fine to gently take this person to the side and explain to them why it is a mortal sin, but to just assume that person knows as much as you do is wrong.

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