Caffeine during Pregnancy


I am about 2 and a half months pregnant and no longer have a craving for coffee, which I used to be addicted to (we are talking: breakfast, lunch, and after dinner)! I used to drink my coffee black and then began drinking it with cream. Now, though, since I became pregnant, I do not even enjoy the smell of coffee and the only way I can drink it is if it is sweetened by either sugar or flavored cream (like that hazelnut stuff). Tea (Assam Hazelbank, Kenya, Jasmine, other black teas) are much more appealing to me now than ever before. I read that some women notice a lack of interest in coffee while pregnant and that is perhaps the body naturally protecting the baby from an excess amount of caffeine. Any other mothers go through something similar during your pregnancies?


Oh yeah. i used to drink a pot of coffee in the am at my job to wake up. Then I married and we tried to start conceiving right away.
I didn’t conceive the first month so on the advice of a pregnancy book I ditched all caffeine(HARD) and conceived the next month.(May or May not have had anything to do with it) but within two weeks of finding I was pg EVERYTHING made me sick, the smell of coffee, the smell of hamburger frying, ect.
Yep I think it’s natures way of protecting the unborn child against things it shouldn’t have in it’s system.
I didn’t want tea, either. I love Mexican food normally, but with my first child the idea of it made me sick, with my second child I could eat Mexican food just fine but Chinese food made me go uhhh.


Yeah, Polish sausage and sour kraut are the one food that upsets my tummy or my baby! I cooked it a few weeks ago and felt terrible just by smelling it fry up in the pan…ugh…

Herring is another one. I used to like it but now just the scent of it turns my stomach.

At the same time, though, I now have a constant craving for 7 Up, and I used to never drink pop! At least it does not have caffeine…hehe, I am carrying a smart baby :wink:


I still like my coffee! This morning I was feeling nauseous (I’m about 2 weeks pregnant-4 weeks since my last period), but in a few minutes I was able to drink it. I drink it w/ flavored (french vanilla or fr. van. and hazelnut together) creamer. Every doctor I’ve had (3 different ones for the last 3 kids) has told me coffee is ok in moderation-just to keep it at or below 2 cups a day. I usually never drink more than that, anyway (I’m normally just a morning drinker, unless I’m REALLY tired in the afternoon :yawn: ). I just make sure I eliminate caffeinated soda during pregnancy (we drink decaf iced tea anyway), which is pretty easy since all colas now come in a caffeine free version.

But really-we’re all supposed to getting most of our hydration from milk and water, right? :stuck_out_tongue: (I try, I really do, but I just don’t really LIKE milk and plain water :blush: ).

Congrats on everyone’s new babies! :love:

In Christ,



Congratulations to all of you! :smiley:

Apparently drinking skimmed milk is good for rehydration!

And you’ll get used to it, I got used to the taste of baking soda in water for antacid.


Ahem, dear husband, remember we compromised to drink 1% milk when I used to drink skim milk? :wink:


Well I never drink it at home so if you like skim go for it :slight_smile:


hi blessed wife–congrats on being pregnant!:slight_smile: I laugh at your exchange with your husband, because I too have the same debate with my husband…he hates skim milk. Why do men loathe skim milk so?:shrug:


Just to come to the defense of the one man on this thread :D, I also hate skim milk. I really don’t care for white milk altogether, but I can tolerate 2%, nothing below that (ok, I could probably get used to 1%. but Aldi, where I do the vast majority of my shopping, only sells whole, 2% and skim, so 2% is as low as I’ll go!).

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Someone once said it reminds them of breast milk because of the bluish tint. :shrug:



Huh, since I haven’t had breast milk in recent memory, I don’t think this is it!




I have heard in moderation caffeine is ok while pregnant. If I remember right, coffee actually has way more caffeine in it than ordinary pop does.

I never really had the craving for caffeine while pregnant. With my first I had all day sickness from 8 up till 14 weeks. Beef in any form made me flat out sick. We had a really funny incident with pot roast during this time. I cooked one up at the begining of the sickness stage and became nausated by the smell of the beef. So I lite every scented candle I had. I could not smell any of those candles for that sickening beef smell. DH comes home and could not smell any pot roast for all the scented candles. He had to stick his nose way down into the pot to even smell the roast. That has been the only time he has had pot roast all to himself. :smiley: We ate a lot of chicken during that time.

With my second I didn’t have the problem with the beef but I was sick up until I was 25 weeks pregnant. I had really bad all day sickness with him. Ended up on Zofran because of it.

As far as milk goes I only buy whole milk. DH was buying 2% when we met. After dd was born I started buying whole. I just do not care for the flavor of the lower fat milks. Too watered down tasting. :stuck_out_tongue:


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