Anyone else kicking a caffeine addiction? I’m doing it because I have no money for coffee and a friend pretty much dared me for 2 weeks to go without, so I quit cold turkey two days ago. I’ve had terrible headaches, tiredness and I’m a little slap-happy right now, but I’m determined to do without for 12 more days. Anyone have advice?

**If you’ve already gone for two days, congrats! If you truly want to kick the habit, you will. But you may find that, if cold turkey doesn’t work, you may need to wean more gradually.

If it’s money that’s an issue, just brew your owm pot at home…


There was recently another thread about caffeine addiction, so you might find some good advice here:

I posted a couple of things about my own battle with caffeine withdrawal on that thread. Hope it helps! :thumbsup:

Like I said in the other thread, I don’t suppose we could meet at Starbucks and talk about your problem.

I stopped drinking Caffeine about 6 months ago, was a bit tetchy at first but feel fine now. Good luck to all abstainers.

Oh wow! Good for you, sanctamaria17! I don’t know if I could do this. Haha, I didn’t even know caffeine was an addiction! I simply can’t function without some caffeine in my bloodstream. I don’t think I’ve experienced any withdrawal symptoms, though. I did try quitting years ago, well, coffee, that is, then I started drinking Diet Coke.

Maybe I’ll do this for Lent next year.

Once you get your body weaned off caffeine, you’ll feel great. Honest.

It only takes a few days for the headaches to subside. Even if you’ve been taking caffeine for years, the withdrawal doesn’t last long.

I agree, though, that it’s better to wean yourself gradually off of caffeine. If you do cold-turkey, you could end up with delibitating headaches, even migraines (caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, and when it’s not around, your blood vessels expand and POUND POUND POUND!). Nothing wrong with tapering off.

What’s really nice is travelling. You won’t have to stop every few hours for a pick-me-up or carry a cooler of soda or thermos of coffee. And if you are visiting someone, you don’t have to inquire whether they serve coffee at their house (we don’t at our house).

Of course, what you miss is probably not the physical, but the psychological. There’s just something about a nice, hot cup of coffee, or in my case, an icy cold Coke or the big bar of chocolate. At least there are substitutes now: herbal teas, non-caffeinated sodas, other candies.

Problem? What problem? I can quit any time I want!

Headaches go with the territory. They can last a LONG time. My DH used to take a lot of caffeine tablets and he was MONTHS with the headaches and oooohhhh SOOOO cranky!

Kick the caffeine habit? What? Why? I haven’t seen any credible source tell me that there is something bad about caffeine. In fact, in some studies it seems to be good. Men who drink coffee with caffeine have lower rates of prostate cancer. Don’t beat yourself up for political correctness sake. Drink caffeine and be happy! However, if it is a medical thing or some other reason…good for you!

I actually feel relaxed without caffeine. I’m past the headaches and extreme exhaustion. I only have 9 more days:)

A college student that wants to STOP drinking coffee? Wow! You must be a future saint… or insane :smiley:

Talk to one of my friends. It was his idea:D

I think the main reason for kicking caffeine is the inconvenience.

For many years, I drank between 6-8 Coke-a-Colas per day. Caffeine addiction? You bet!

Whenever I travelled, we had to carry a cooler of Coke, because I was never sure that I could get it. If I went to a professional or religious conference or to an ice skating competition, that cooler had to be in the car with me so that during breaks, I could run out and get my Coke. Same for work–I had to bring a couple of Cokes to work for breaks, lunch, etc.

Needless to say, this got rather expensive. I always made excuses for not having a lot of money to give to the church–well–giving up Coke would have provided me with about $25/week.

Ignore the obvious weight gain problems. It was the caffeine that stopped me from quitting. Whenever I missed my Coke dose, I got a headache, along with the other symptoms of withdrawal–sleepy, grumpy, not alert, sometimes even a little disoriented. So I kept drinking the stuff.

Finally I got sick, a bad sinus infection. For two weeks, I didn’t eat or drink much of anything, let alone Coke, which you DO NOT want to throw up if you sick. THAT broke the addiction. I never went back to Coke. I’ve been Coke-free for about three years now.

It feels good. And I have money to give away.

And shortly after that, my husband and I became Catholic, and for the first time in my life, I was confronted with the teachings about abstinence and denial of the flesh. Oh, my! I’d never thought about denying myself any good thing! This played a major factor in my continuning to deny myself a Coke. I figured it was good for my soul.

Anyway, I think that the dependency upon caffeine is a good reason to quit. Consider what would happen if you were called to travel to a foreign country, perhaps to help out with a disaster like the tsunami. Here you would be on the plane or in your little hut suffering with caffeine withdrawal and unable to rouse yourself to help all the other aid workers! How humiliating!

Or what if you were attending some wonderful Catholic conference and they DIDN"t have anything with caffeine, and you forgot your stash. You would have to leave, wouldn’t you, just to get your fix? You would miss a great speaker or singer, just so you could constrict your blood vessels! Again, isn’t that humiliating to think about, that you would actually walk away from a great opportunity to serve God and learn more of His ways for the sake of a drug?

Oh boy, I think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Didn’t drink any yesterday, and now I’ve got a pounding headache. I’m gonna go take a nap. Ouch!!!

That’s what my mom said. She’s had issues with anxiety her whole life and cut out almost all caffeine in the last few months. She said she’s so much calmer now.

I didn’t drink coffee regularly until I was done with undergrad. I didn’t feel as though I “needed” the pick-me-up in the AM until I was working full time. I still have no idea how I pulled all-nighters without coffee.

If you’re feeling better without it, Sancta, good for you in kicking it! I love my morning cup of joe, but I know that caffeine isn’t tolerated well by many. I don’t think I could tolerate drinking it throughout the day (12 oz. in the morning is about my limit), and if I didn’t enjoy having a hot cup of good-smelling stuff in the morning, I might give it up all together. If I had to purchase that cup each morning, that would also factor largely in my decision. DH makes good coffee for us for pennies each day. If I had to pay $1.50 each morning, I’d give it up right away.

Once winter hits and you’re wanting a good hot beverage in the morning, try peppermint herbal tea. The tea bags are inexpensive, can be found at any grocery store, contain only dried peppermint leaves- no caffeine, and smell/taste as good as coffee (in a different way, of course) IMO. An added bonus is that if you’ve got an upset stomach from illness, stress, etc., the peppermint is soothing.

I have always figured that if you get a sever reaction like headaches and crankyness from NOT drinking caffine then its probably something you shouldnt be drinking much of in the first place. Its fun to have a coffee once in awhile but addiction to anything is a bad thing. I am working on eliminating sweets…thats a hard one too!

Stick with it and don’t go back!!!

Ask Zerenious (sp?) the popular Mormon poster here for tips.:thumbsup:

I had to go off caffeine because my addiction got extreme… I was drinking a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper a day, sometimes more. Went cold turkey and had a month of 24/7 migraines and severe shaking (couldn’t write with a pen at all) and I was grumpy! For some reason I had the idea it’d only take a few days to get over it. after three weeks I called my Dr. and he said I should never have gone cold turkey from such large amounts. ehh to late by then. So if you drink A LOT of the stuff don’t quit all at once!

I stayed off it completely for a year. Now I drink a soda every now and then. (a few a week) and don’t experience any withdrawal if I run out for a couple weeks, so I deem myself cured.

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