CAF's offline?


Please pray that all of us will be generous and support CAF financially. If we don’t support, CAF’s forums will be shut down.
We all know how great CAF has been to many of us.



Yes, everyone please offer prayer and financial support to CAF!!


:gopray2: Praying…

This is a wonderful site!!!


I give my IM to everyone who wishes to wish to contact me if CAF goes offline.

I do hope it doesn’t go offline




Bump… They have a goal of $20,000… We can do this … come on guys…


Donated and praying


I’ve donated as well and will pray.However,i’m also prepared to advertize the Forums Appeal in our local catholic newspapers,if the Administrator thinks it would be worthwhile. Just tell me how to present it.


I will pray and donate this morning :gopray: this place as been a blessing for my faith.






This intention is very close to my heart. CAF has become such an important part of my life.
This is a very special place. I will be holding CAF in my prayers.:signofcross::signofcross:

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